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Air Conditioner Maintenance with Clean Coils and Annual Tune-ups

Your air conditioning unit operates on two vital coils, the evaporator and condenser coils, with the help of other parts. The compressor unit drives refrigerant through the A/C system allowing changes in state from gas vapor to liquid. A blower fan draws heat from inside the house to release it in the condenser outside. As refrigerant vapor flows to the condensing coils, a fan that moves air through the finned coils cools the refrigerant vapor and turns it to liquid. At high pressure, the liquid refrigerant then enters the expansion valve which further allows hot vapor air to expand as it passes along the evaporator coil and emerges as a cool liquid mist. A frequent air conditioner maintenance is essential for all these parts to be in the top shape.

How Air Conditioner Maintenance Improves Air Flow

Air Conditioner Maintenance Myrtle BeachClogged Coils

If you missed having spring tune-up and cleaning done last year, and you didn’t have service done during the winter, chances are dirt has built up on the coils over a year’s time. Soot, mold, pollen, dust and other particles cling to the coils and compromise the performance of your A/C unit. Clogged coils also eat up about 37 per cent more energy. Over time, dirt accumulates on the coils weakening the heat transfer process across the coils as well as damaging the lubricant on the compressor. Without proper air conditioner maintenance you could face a system failure.

A/C Filter and Outside Condenser Unit

A/C filters delay dirt build-up on the coils acting as a screen against air contaminants. In the summer, when your A/C runs almost every day, it’s advisable to change the filter once every four weeks. You can also clean the condenser coils, which is the accessible outdoor part of the unit, by spraying the finned coils with a garden hose.

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Schedule a regular HVAC cleaning and tune-up every year as part of your annual air conditioner maintenance routine. Preventive maintenance helps avoid the accretion of pollutants on your A/C system allowing your unit to run at its peak efficiency throughout the season.

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