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Air Conditioning Issues: Dealing with Yours Using Professional Help

Air conditioning issues can be the hardest issues in your home to troubleshoot. After all, air conditioning units are among the hardest working appliances you have. Because of this, they are also among the most often neglected. Until it starts showing signs of functional problems, homeowners are not likely to pay as much attention to its care and maintenance.

However, the way AC units are designed, they are meant to be regularly checked and cleaned. Blockages can occur in sections like filters and drain tubes, which would inevitably affect its functionality.

Here are some other common air conditioning issues that homeowners encounter, which will require professional AC repair help.

Air Conditioning Issues That May Need Professional Assistance

Breaker or Thermostat Issues

A tripped circuit breaker could be what is causing your air conditioning issues.

This could be a simple matter of the power unit not being plugged in properly, or there could be a tripped circuit breaker. However, it could also be due to the thermostat not being set properly. You can try lowering it about five degrees just to check if the unit will get started, but if it doesn’t, it probably means there’s something wrong with either the compressor or the motor.

On and Off, Not Cooling

Sometimes AC units turn on and off by themselves. This is actually normal, as long as you deliberately set it in timer mode. If you didn’t, however, but it still keeps switching on and off by itself, thereby not being able to cool the air as it should, then it could mean that there’s a condenser issue.

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Having a dirty unit can also cause this issue, as well as a diminished cooling capability. Make sure to clean the unit (wash or replace the filters if needed), so you can once more have unobstructed air flow. That’s the simple solution to the problem, though. If the problem is rooted to a faulty compressor or insufficient refrigerant, however, it’s best to turn the task over to a professional.

General Maintenance

A lot of these air conditioning issues could actually be avoided if only you setup regular cleaning and maintenance for the unit. Tempted as you may be to DIY, it’s still advisable to leave this in the capable hands of professionals. They have the tools and knowledge on the best techniques to use for handling equipment and problems like air conditioning issues.

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