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Basic AC Maintenance to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Lasting Longer

Basic AC maintenance should be done throughout the year. And even though our hottest weather is behind us now, your air conditioning unit is the one responsible for regulating your home’s indoor temperature during warm days. Because you rely so much on this, it’s only proper that you extend the proper care and maintenance for it. Otherwise, it could very well deteriorate faster than it should, leaving you with either costly repairs or replacement.

You can help ensure you are keeping your unit in good condition as well as making sure the air you breathe is healthy and safe with a few simple cleaning tasks.

Basic AC Maintenance Tips


Among the basic AC maintenance that should be done on your unit is to periodically clean the coils.

One of the basic AC maintenance items to check on are the coils. Coils tend to collect dirt over time. Left unchecked, dirty coils could affect the efficiency of your AC unit’s airflow. It doesn’t matter if the coil is inside or outside the unit. Once dirt insulates it, you can very well expect a compromised functionality of your AC unit.

Cleaning it should be easy enough, though. Just make sure to check on the coils regularly, and remove any debris source nearby that could cause dirt build-up. Spray foam cleaners are available in many hardware and big box home improvement stores…or you can just use a water hose.


Another basic AC maintenance item to check are the drain tubes. The function of the drain tubes are directly related to the condenser. Make sure this isn’t blocked to avoid water leakage around the unit. You can pass a small cleaning brush or wire inside the tube to clear it of any possible obstructions.

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This is one of the most important features of an air conditioning unit. The filters basically are there to ensure that air flow is properly delivered, and that the quality of the air remains clean. If the filter is dirty, however, then it could very well trigger allergies, or worse, asthma attacks.

Make sure to check what kind of filter your unit has. There are those that use reusable filters, which only need to be washed periodically, while there are also those that are good only for one-time use, and must be replaced.

Of course, knowing about these basic AC maintenance tips could go a long way in helping you keep your AC unit working longer. However, it still would be best if you consult with and leave your basic AC maintenance to professionals, especially if you’re not really familiar with AC parts and how they work.

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