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The Benefits of Natural Gas and Electrical Heating for Homeowners

Natural gas is the most popular type of heating fuel used in North America. Propane ranks second in many rural areas. Electricity is used as a third option to stay warm during colder weather. Some homeowners will use both a fuel and electrical source to heat their homes.

The Natural Gas Advantage

Advantages of using natural gas to heat your home, when available.

The cost of installation and operation of a natural-gas system is relatively low compared to other heating methods. Natural gas provides a safely delivered heat source that consumers depend on. Homeowners prefer gas heating for the price and ability to warm quickly, and it doesn’t need to be stored in large quantities inside a tank. It can provide warmth through a wall-mounted heater or through a central heating furnace.

Busy lifestyles require heating on demand. A central heating system that uses natural gas allows families the convenience to keep their home warm while away at work or doing other activities outdoors. The combustion process for natural gas provides the cleanest burning fossil fuel available. Central heating systems that are professionally serviced through yearly maintenance procedures provide homeowners with a clean and reliable heat source.

Using Electricity for Heat

An electric heat pump is another extremely efficient method used in modern homes to keep them comfortable and toasty. It provides warmth and a clean combustion-free atmosphere. Electric rates and the amount of time the system is used are factors in determining energy costs. The system is virtually a reliable heat source unless a power failure or interruption in service happens.

Infrared heating is another method used in order to keep homes warm. Portable infrared heaters are an excellent choice in providing warmth to rooms that are generally hard to heat. The units are extremely efficient and provide safe heat without the risk of fire compared to traditional portable heaters. Zone heat makes these environmentally friendly units a popular choice for homeowners.

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Always keep in mind that the amount of energy used will determine how much money is spent to keep a home warm. Lowering the thermostat when everyone is away can keep those costs low. The installation of a smart thermostat controlled by a mobile phone app can allow a homeowner to adjust the temperature indoors when the family is about to return home.

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