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Checking Your Home Heating System

Spring is here and probably the last thing anyone wants to think about is cleaning and setting up their home’s heating system. What better way is there really to shake-off the cold months than to have your system serviced for another year?

Why Check Your Heating System in Warm Weather?

When the weather is warm outside, probably the last thing you think about is maintenance on your heating system.

Yearly Maintenance

Any quality heating system should perform in tiptop fashion for decades. Most systems are rated for 15-20 years of use. To help ensure this longevity, it’s wise to pay attention to how the system works, and to never put off addressing problems. If performance issues like circulation and thermostat regulation occurred this past winter, it may be time for a tune-up. Most problems, however, are due to simple filtration and airway leaks.

While the system is idle, it’s a good time to check for separation of vents, clogged diffusers (especially those behind furniture and overhead), dirty filters, problems with gas delivery lines (if using gas), and any type of water and pest damage. It’s also a great time to have a technician look into the sensitive and hard-to-reach components for a vacuuming, sludge removal, and an electrical components check. Only a trained technician can positively check for all potential problems. Do-it-yourself is acceptable, but professional service is always your best choice.

Consider Upgrades

Early warm Spring months are the best time to evaluate last year’s system performance. This includes quality and evenness of heat distribution, and electric and gas bills. If there was a marked increase in heating expenses, it might be time to consider an energy efficient system that has a more impressive SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).

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Homes in Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area overwhelmingly rely on electric sources for heat, so installing an efficient home heat upgrade, and properly maintaining an electric heating system and HVAC service is a smart economic choice. After such house chores are done, begin your summer beach fun with the peace of mind of being ready for next winter.

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