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HVAC Expert Advice for Beating the Heat and Avoiding Air Conditioning Repair

Since it gets so hot during the summer months your AC unit must work extremely hard to pump cool air inside your home. It has to work overtime while increasing your monthly energy bills. However, if you plan correctly, you can beat the summer heat, lower energy costs, and avoid costly repairs.

Install the Right Air Filter

Installing the right type of air filter not only allows your AC unit to run efficiently, but also improves your indoor air quality. Most air filters are classified by their MERV rating. This measures how effective the filter is at trapping small particles, debris, and dust. The lower the MERV rating, the less effective a filter is.

In terms of high-efficiency filters, try to select one with a MERV rating between 14 and 16. These filters can remove 85% of air pollutants from your home. They are also coated with chemicals which kill bacteria and mold. Therefore, anyone in your household who suffers from allergies won’t need to worry about these tiny microbes triggering their allergy symptoms.

Useful Advice for Staying Cool and Avoiding Air Conditioning Repair

Set Up a Programmable Thermostat

During the summer, you may be so busy with activities that you forget to adjust your thermostat. By the time you realize it, it may take a substantial amount of time to bring the temperature inside your home back down. You never have to worry about this if you set up a programmable thermostat. It can be programmed to turn on and off at a certain time.

For example, you can program the AC unit to turn on as soon as you wake up and turn off when you’re ready for bed. You can even adjust cycle times based on weekdays and weekends. Traveling out of town for a few days? Spending a lot of time at the office? No worries. Just program your AC to shut down on those days and times when you’re out.

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Programmable thermostats save a lot of money over time. Moreover, they help maintain a consistent temperature, which also saves energy and the overall wear and tear on your unit. Their user-friendly display screens provide easy access to all of the settings making adjusting the temperature in your house a breeze.

Replace Old Cooling Systems

If you’ve had your AC unit for a long time and you’re struggling to keep your house cool, it may be time for a new unit. Or, your AC unit may be breaking down frequently forcing you to spend a lot of money on repairs every couple of months. Talk to a licensed professional who deals with air conditioning repair. A pro can assess your unit and troubleshoot problems you may be overlooking.

If a new unit is needed, the professional can take care of the installation and suggest some appliances which are Energy Star qualified. Products earn this classification by meeting certain energy efficiency requirements established by the EPA.

Cook Outdoors

You may be used to cooking indoors for family and friends, but doing so actually increases the temperature in your home. A better solution is to cook outside on a grill. Temperatures won’t fluctuate and you won’t have to worry about smoke affecting the air quality inside your home.

If you’re hesitant to cook outside in extreme temperatures, you can stay cool by using ice packs, cold beverages, and a portable mist sprayer. Take breaks periodically so that you’re not constantly huddled around the grill.

Beating summer heat is possible if you make the most out of your AC unit, know how to control indoor temperatures efficiently, and get a little creative about some of your habits. If you need further assistance, talk to Brown & Reaves Services in Myrtle Beach, your local HVAC specialist who will help you save money and stay comfortable during the summer.  Call us today at 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible to answer any questions you may have about your air conditioning system.

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