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The Most Prevalent Issues that May Require Heating Repair In Your Home Now

A heating system is perhaps the most important household appliance when it comes to comfort, but it is bound to run into some issues over time. After all, your heater needs regular maintenance and repair. When this is not done properly or routinely, your heating system eventually loses its efficiency and warming capacity.

Here are just a few of the common problems that may require immediate heating repair.

Your heater is not warming you up enough

Professional help is usually needed badly when your home’s heating system is not working properly, but smoke is still floating out the chimney. This might indicate that your heater is suffering from combustion problems, causing smoke to billow through your chimney and soot to build up.

Other possible reasons why your heating system is not warming you up include an inoperable thermostat, a hot surface ignition problem, or an intermittent, pilot-related, electronic ignition problem. There may also be an obstruction to the air flow or dirt in the air filter.

An unmistakable odor coming from your heating system

A heating system that works efficiently is not supposed to emit any kind of odor. Should you start to notice an odor from it, it is more than likely you are dealing with an oil leak or another combustion issue.

It is cycling too much

Typically, a burner cycles on and off throughout the day. However, if your unit starts to continually cycle, this may mean the controls are no longer properly adjusted or that the filters are clogged.

It keeps going on and off

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When your heater repeatedly goes on and off, it probably indicates your heating system is encountering an issue with its heat anticipator or blower motor. It is also possible your air filter is dirty.

It simply does not turn on

When your heating system is refusing to operate, even when your circuit breaker for the appliance is on, play it safe by making sure everything is switched off and disconnected before calling for help from a heating repair service like Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.

Keep an eye out for these heating issues and be sure to contact a heating repair service right away when any of these problems arise. Never attempt to fix the heating unit on your own, call for professional help. Brown & Reaves Services, Inc. in Myrtle Beach stands ready to help you solve any of your home heating system issues. Call us today at 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible to answer any questions you may have about your heating system.

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