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Try These Easy Maintenance Tips to Avoid Expensive Air Conditioning Repair

If properly maintained, AC units can work efficiently and provide cool air. If this integral component is neglected, however, you leave your unit susceptible to breaking down. Worst of all, you and your family won’t be able to stay cool. Prevent this from happening by performing the following maintenance steps.

Keep the Outside Unit Clean

Your AC unit exists in two places: indoors and outdoors. Since the outside component is exposed to the elements, you must check it as often as you can. Regular cleaning often prevents dirt, woody debris and other obstructions from building up to help your unit work as efficiently as possible.

Cleaning the exterior unit can be as easy as using a wet rag. However, if particles seem to be stuck on tight, consider using a portable air compressor. Spray air around the unit and on the fins, making sure they are completely clean.

Have Condenser Coil Cleaned

Keeping the condenser coil clean is also paramount because if it gets too dirty, your unit may overheat and work inefficiently. If you’re not sure where this coil is located or don’t know how to access it, contact a professional certified in air conditioning repair.

A pro will locate the coil and clean it using specialized tools. An expert will also inspect other integral components to make sure they’re in good condition. If any fins get bent while cleaning this coil, professionals can use an alignment comb. This keeps the fins straight so your unit can work as efficiently as possible.

Inspect the Refrigerant

Even though the coolants inside your unit are supposed to last a lifetime, issues may spring up. There may be a leak, for example, that drains the coolant below the recommended levels. Alternatively, contaminants may find their way into the system to compromise your coolant’s effectiveness.

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Therefore, regular servicing of your AC by professionals is vital. They’ll check the refrigerant levels and fill them up accordingly. They have received special training to handle these substances, so, it’s best to always leave this task up to the professionals. They can also use leak detectors to make sure there are no weak points that will end up costing you money.

Your AC unit is not going to last forever. However, a little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your unit working efficiently and safely. Consult with a professional any time you need assistance for safe and quick repairs.

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