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Three Simple Additions for Better Air Conditioning

The heat can make it difficult to think clearly. In turn, we end up making things that are relatively simple become overcomplicated. Unfortunately, the heat in Myrtle Beach can have that effect on all of us, leading to solutions that may actually make it warmer at home. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can add to your home that help you have better air conditioning and more effectively cool your home. In fact, they’re so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of them yourself. With that in mind, here are a few things you should seriously consider adding to your home to help you have a better air conditioning system:

Window Film

You may get better air conditioning results by installing window film on the windows facing the afternoon sun

Don’t underestimate the amount of heat sunlight can add to your home. This is mostly due to the UV rays that accompany sunlight. Window film or window tints can help minimize the amount of UV rays that enter your home. Another alternative to this would be to install heavy curtains along your windows.

Attic Insulation

If you’re running a central air conditioning system, there’s a good chance you have a duct running through the attic. Unfortunately, the air traveling within this duct can be warmed up by the heat your attic absorbs throughout the day. Have a professional HVAC service, such as Brown & Reaves Services, Inc., install insulation around your attic and the duct.


Exposing your air conditioning system’s condenser to direct sunlight can diminish the system’s efficiency by up to 10 percent. Add a few plants and shrubs near your system’s condenser to provide it with some shade. Keeping the condenser cool makes it easier for the entire system to cool the air that travels through it. Make sure, however, that the foliage you plant are at least four feet away from the condenser to ensure adequate airflow. Also check your unit periodically to make sure it is clear from any fallen tree or bush leaves.

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Signs Your Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning Unit Needs Immediate Repair

Your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit not only helps keep you cool and fresh indoors, it also helps regulate the room temperature. As with any other kind of home appliance, however, they are also vulnerable to wear and tear from everyday use.

Sometimes, though, homeowners tend to overlook the necessity to get their AC units repaired out of the hope that whatever issue it may have will be able to fix itself with just a simple restart of the system. Of course, this is hardly ever the case, and this only makes it a lot more probable that the unit will suffer from a more permanent damage sooner or later.

Here are some telltale signs that you probably need to get your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit checked out by a professional before it’s too late. After all, we still have a lot more warm days ahead of us before the weather finally cools off until next summer!

Signs Your Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning Unit Should Be Serviced

Leaks and Moisture

If you suddenly find pools of water underneath or beside your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit, this could mean that the drain tube is either blocked or has ceased to function.

Drain tubes are supposed to ensure that the condensation process is working well. If you suddenly find pools of water underneath or beside the unit, this could mean that the drain tube is either blocked or has ceased to function. It’s a simple matter to fix, but sometimes, the problem goes beyond the drain tube.

You’d want to get to the bottom of why the leak occurred in the first place, and it could be a clue to a refrigerant problem.

Mysterious Sounds

If your AC unit starts cranking out sounds that weren’t there when you first bought it, and you know it’s not supposed to be making those sounds, it’s a good bet there’s something wrong with it. Now, unless you have the know-how about AC parts and how each of them works, it’s probably safer for you to just refer to the skills of a professional repairman.

It could be a slipped belt or a dislodged metal piece, which, for all you know, may or may not need replacement, too. That’s why as much as you might believe you can fix it DIY-style, you’d be smarter not taking the risk and avoid damaging the unit more than it actually is.


Lack of Air Flow

It’s an AC unit, so the expectation is that it will deliver cool air throughout the room or house. If it doesn’t, then it’s a good bet that your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit isn’t functioning as it should be. Again, these are just some of the signs pointing to an AC problem. Getting it fixed or replaced would be best determined by a professional AC repairman.

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Air Conditioning Installation: Choosing the Best Location

You may have purchased a home that doesn’t have a central air system, but hot weather is convincing you that an investment is necessary. Adding air conditioning installation to your home is a clever way to increase its value while maintaining your comfort at the same time. However, the outdoor components must be properly installed with a few factors taken into consideration.

Air Conditioning Installation: Choosing the Best Outdoor Location

Regardless of the system’s name brand, every outdoor air-conditioner component will make some sounds. It houses a motor-and-fan configuration that will hum during operation. When planning for your air conditioning installation, choose an an area that’s far from your bedroom windows, if possible, as well as the neighbors’ windows. On any given hot day, the system will frequently turn on and off. A system placed close to your or the neighbors’ windows will create issues because of noisy conditions.

Air conditioning installation - choosing the best outdoor location

Ideally, select a location where the outdoor system is close to your home while keeping it far from any windows. You don’t want the system to be loud in your bedrooms or living spaces either. Close proximity also allows the refrigerant to have a short travel time. This liquid gas constantly moves between the indoor and outdoor components. When the refrigerant must travel a long distance, the system works harder than it should and operational costs might be higher as a result.

The other consideration for your air conditioning installation is support. The outdoor components are extremely heavy, and they must be supported by a proper concrete footing or padding. Your contractor will be able to size the footing to the system parts. Once the padding is installed, it will support the system for its entire lifespan. It’s even possible to use it for a replacement system in the future with an equivalent weight.

Your contractor will offer you several estimates based on various installation areas around the home. Don’t automatically choose the least expensive option. Pick a reasonable cost that will locate the air conditioner in a discreet area. This space should be convenient for the homeowners as well as your neighbors.

If you are considering an air conditioning installation, call Brown & Reaves Services. We specialize in new installations and we feature 24 hour emergency service. Let us help you stay cool this summer, and give you an estimate on your air conditioning. 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible.

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Is Your Air Conditioning Causing Illness?

Is your air conditioning causing illness in your home? When people get sick, they naturally begin to look for a reason for their misfortune. Often, when it comes to feeling tired and lethargic, the air conditioning system gets the blame. The root of this may lie with a group of Legionnaires who stayed in a hotel in 1976 and caught a lung infection that is now known as Legionnaires’ disease.

While these unfortunate souls did, in fact, get violently ill from bacteria that was borne of an air conditioning system, this type of situation is extremely rare. When it comes to your seasonal cold, it’s very unlikely that your air conditioning is causing the problem. In fact, it may even be keeping you from getting sicker.

Is Your Air Conditioning Causing Illness in Your Home?

Air conditioning causing illness in your home? Not likely, but possible.

Studies have linked air conditioning use to an increase in office workers needing to visit ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists. Yet, while there is a correlation, scientists haven’t yet been able to find just cause for this theory.

What really may be going on here is that cold weather can make the lining of your nose a bit drier, and this can make you more vulnerable to a viral infection. The idea is that running your air conditioner can dry out your sinuses. It makes sense, but even if this is true, there is no evidence that drying of the nose leads to infection.

Air conditioners that aren’t maintained properly can certainly lead to a situation where allergens are released into the air. Of course, this issue is remedied by simply taking the time to get your air conditioning checked on a regular basis and changing out your filters. In fact, the American Lung Association encourages people who have asthma to use air conditioners. This is because an air conditioner creates better air circulation.

A good quality air conditioner can even help to clean the air. It comes down to a matter of perception. While your sickness may coincide with turning on the A?C, it doesn’t mean that yet another factor, such as a spring pollens, isn’t causing your sickness.

Air conditioning causing illness within your home is not likely, but if you suspect it could be causing problems, give Brown & Reaves Services a call today. 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible to check on your system for you.

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Air Conditioning Unit Freezing in the Middle of Summer?

Do you find yourself with your air conditioning unit freezing during the middle of summer?  There are two main reason for this happening. Let’s look at these in detail.

Air Conditioning Unit Freezing During the Hot Summer Months
Let's look at some of the reasons for your air conditioning unit freezing during the hot summer months

The most common reason for your air conditioning unit freezing is because of improper air flow. The other reason deals with problems connected to the refrigerant or Freon gas. When the indoor air flow is restricted, it means there is no air moving through the air conditioning system. This air flow keeps the condensate on the evaporator coils from freezing. It may be a simple problem of a dirty air filter. You may be able to change or clean the filter yourself, but to make sure the unit will function efficiently during hot weather, it is best to have an annual tune-up during the winter when the weather is still cold. This is something you should keep in mind for next winter and have this done at that time.

If an air conditioner freezes because of a refrigerant leak, you need professional HVAC help. You may choose to have the leak repaired or, you may opt to buy a new system. This will depend on the age of your system, the number of times it has needed repair and the advice of the technicians. If you decide to repair the unit, a licensed technician should pinpoint the leak and repair it before adding any new Freon or other refrigerant.

Another cause for an air conditioning unit freezing is a filter that may be clean, but is too restrictive and doesn’t allow enough air to pass through. Too few return ducts, damaged ductwork and dirty evaporator coils may also be the reason for your air conditioning unit freezing up. If you have a window unit, it must be the right size for the room it is supposed to cool. If it is too small, it will have to overwork, which will result in condensation forming, causing ice. If it is too big, it may ice up because it is not running often enough.

If you are having issues with your air conditioning unit freezing up on you, call Brown & Reaves Services at 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible.

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Simple Ways to Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill

Air conditioning and heating in your home are probably the largest uses of energy on your electric bill, but they can also offer opportunities for savings. One of the best ways to save money on your air conditioning bill is to change your furnace filters often during air conditioning season. Your air conditioning sucks warm air in through the filter and then returns the cooler air into your home. If the filter is dirty, it takes more energy to pull the air into the unit for cooling. Changing the filter makes the process easier and saves energy and money.

More Ways to Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill

Here are a few ways to save on your air conditioning bill this summer

Upgrading your home insulation can also save you money on your air conditioning bill during the summer, in addition to saving on your heating bill during the winter.. Insulation traps air between cold and warm areas in your home and will help keep cool air from escaping the house during the hot summer months. Increasing the R-value of your insulation will help hold in more cool air and keep out the hot air. You should have at least a R-19 insulation in your attic, R-30 is even better.

Turning down the thermostat during the hot summer months will also save you money on your air conditioning bill. You will benefit more if you install a programmable thermostat. Setting the temperature to 78 degrees when you are home and 84 degrees if you are away is a good practice. Keeping your thermostat at these temperatures can save as much as 20% on your air conditioning bill.

Caulking around cracks, sealing gaps around pipes, and wrapping heat ducts will keep warmer air inside your home during the winter, and will help on cooling as well. Applying weather stripping around windows or doors and sealing the cracks around pipes, wires and ducts also helps a lot.

Decorating your home using elements that can help keep the space cooler during the summer months will also save money on your bills. A few examples are using room darkening curtains around large windows that face any hot sun. Utilizing ceiling fans in each room helps cut down on the need to crank down the A/C. Remember though, only run ceiling fans when you’re in the room, as they serve no purpose running in an empty room. They make your body feel cooler, while not actually cooling the room.

We have many more tips for saving on your air conditioning bill this summer. Check out other articles under the “Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning” section, as well as the articles in our “Myrtle Beach Energy Savings” section to your right.

If you need help with an air conditioner or heat pump that just doesn’t seem to be keeping your home cool, call Brown & Reaves Services, featuring 24 hour emergency service. Let us help keep you cool this summer, and show you more ways you can save on your air conditioning bill. 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible.

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