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Window Air Conditioner Installation Tips

During the hot summer months many people turn to using window air conditioner units. These are rather simple to install, and they can easily be removed when temperatures even out later in the fall. Here are the basic steps to install one of these units in a window in your home.

Preparing for Window Air Conditioner Installation

Before you begin, take a moment to study the room and choose the appropriate window for the installation. Go with a window that is within two or three feet of a three-pronged wall outlet. If the only available outlet within the vicinity of the window is two-pronged, hire an electrician to install a three-pronged outlet instead. Never use an adapter or extension cord to substitute or “get by”, this could lead to a fire or other safety concerns.

You will also need to measure the opening of the window and use that to compare to the dimensions of the window air conditioner unit you purchased. If you haven’t purchased a unit yet, be sure to use this information to purchase one that will fit your window

Prepping the Window Air Conditioner

Installing a window air conditioner in your home can be a do it yourself projectAlways refer to the manual for proper preparation instructions. The following are just general guidelines to help you install the unit.

Start by mounting the top rail using the included screws in the packaging. This rail will help support the unit in the window space. Next, remove the side panels from the packaging and examine each one to determine which side each will go on. Extend each panel and slide them into the appropriate tracking on the sides.

In most cases you’ll likely notice the framing around the panels will be hanging freely. The loose framing will need to slide in to both sides of the top rail that you installed in the beginning of the process. This framing stabilizes the side panels and blocks air flow from the outside once the air conditioner is installed. Once these panels are installed, the air conditioner is ready for installation inside of the window space.

Installation of the Air Conditioner

Start by opening the window completely and clearing any obstructions that might complicate the installation process. For safe installation, be sure you have an extra person to help provide another set of hands and support.

Gently place the air conditioner into the window space, making sure the mounting rail on the bottom of the unit is on the outside of the window. Pull the window down behind the top rail on the unit and ensure that it is secure and firmly against the unit. The top rail should be on the inside of the window.

Extend the side panels so they are touching the window frame, and use the included hardware to mount the panels to the window. The air conditioner should have also come with sash lock hardware that needs to be installed above the front-facing sash in the window. You can also use foam to seal air flow between the upper and lower sashes.

You may also want to add insulation around anywhere there might be air coming in. The more you insulate, the less cool air will escape, which will in turn help you save money this summer. If there are areas where there isn’t much insulation from the inside (where the cool air will be) and the outside of your home, you may want to consider adding more insulation to keep the cool air from escaping.

Checking Your Window Air Conditioner Installation

Plug the power cord for the air conditioner into the wall outlet and test it to make sure it works. In some cases, pressing a “RESET” button on the power plug might be necessary. Go outside and ensure that the unit is leaned back by a slight angle to ensure proper drainage.

If all these instructions for installing a window air conditioner sound a bit overwhelming and you’d prefer to have a professional handle the installation for you, just give us a call. Brown and Reaves Services will be happy to give you a price quote on installing a window air conditioner for you.  Our number is 843-497-9867 or contact us here. Remember to grab our 20% off coupon on your next service call by Liking us on Facebook. Don’t forget to also follow us on Twitter!

Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Window air conditioner troubleshooting can be tricky. Occasionally the window air conditioning unit in a house or residential building may stop working, or stop working as effectively as it has in the past. Often this lack of Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Can Be Tricky. Follow These Tips:cooling ability by the system can be easily corrected with a bit of air conditioning troubleshooting that is simple and easy. If, after trying these air conditioning troubleshooting tips the problem is not corrected, you should call us to repair the unit.

Always make sure the air conditioner is unplugged or disconnected from any electrical power source before attempting any cleaning or repair work.

Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If the unit stops working completely, make sure the electrical cord has not been damaged and that the wall outlet is still “hot”. Plug in another electrical device to the outlet to check this. If the second electrical device does not work, check that the breaker has not been tripped or turned off. If the wire to the unit has been damaged, replace the wire or call an electrician. This is one of the most common air conditioner troubleshooting problems and is very easy to correct. A dedicated circuit may be required if the breaker is constantly being tripped.
  • Poor air circulation or output is likely due to a dirty filter. Remove the front of the unit as per the manufacturers instructions and remove the filter. If it is brown and dusty looking, wash according to directions or rinse with warm, soapy water until the filter is clean. Avoid any type of chemicals and do not push or damage the filter. Use a fin cleaner or a very soft brush to clean the aluminum fins that act as the cooling mechanism. Don’t use water as this can actually make the dirt turn to mud and cause further damage.
  • Check to make sure the blower fan is working. If the air conditioning unit is not making any sound or is making an unusual noise it is likely the fan or the fan motor. You will need to call a repair person for this.
  • If the unit has plastic dials on the front to set the temperature and turn the unit on and off, check to make sure the knobs are properly seated on the hub, resulting in an actual on or off connection being made. In older units the dial and the hub can become worn, allowing the dial to rotate on the hub without changing the hub position. If the knob or dial turns very easily and does not give resistance, this is likely the problem. Position the knob or dial and hub in the off position and use an epoxy glue to fix the dial and hub together. Allow to dry using the manufacturers suggestions before turning.

Other problems can include the thermostat within the unit becoming damaged or an electrical short or malfunction within the unit itself. A repair person will often ask if you have tried these basic air conditioning troubleshooting tips before asking you to bring the unit in for repair.

If these window air conditioner troubleshooting tips don’t help you narrow down the problem with your unit, give Brown and Reaves Services a call at (843) 497-9867.  Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and grab our 20% off Coupon.

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