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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Air Conditioning Repair

How well you breathe indoors is largely based on the air quality which is determined by your AC unit. If not properly maintained, the unit could damage your respiratory system. But how do you assess air quality when you can’t see it? This puzzles many homeowners. If you’re one of them get yourself familiar with our indoor air quality guide.

How to Improve Air Quality and Avoid Stressful Air Conditioning Repair

Improve Ventilation

A common culprit for poor air quality is obstructed ventilation. If for some reason the air vents in your home are blocked the air may become moist and dirty particles may accumulate. It’s particularly important to improve air ventilation if you use cleaning products regularly. Polishers and bathroom cleaners, for example, can stir up particles which irritate your lungs.

Make sure you keep your fans on to allow for cool air to equally distribute throughout your home. It will prevent pollutants carried by warm air to settle indoors. If you’re looking to ventilate your home naturally, add a solar chimney. It essentially heats up air, releases it and creates drafts which provide cool air.

You could also open a window, however, don’t keep it open for too long since it causes your AC unit to work harder. Box fans can do the trick as well. They are pretty affordable, easy to set up, and come in many different sizes to accommodate any room size.

Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

The AC unit’s filter is directly responsible for collecting dust and dirt particles so that they don’t get into your duct system and, eventually, reach your lungs. A single filter replacement could lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5%-15%, which means extra savings for you and your family.

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How often you change your filter depends on a variety of factors, such as AC unit usage, the number of pets you have, and the number of people living in your home. You may need to change this filter more often if those in your household suffer from allergies.

There are many different filters out there, but in terms of energy-efficiency, select a HEPA filter. They work by forcing air through a fine mesh material which traps harmful particles like pollen and dust. Like every filter, though, you need to make sure it has the right dimensions to fit correctly.

If you make the necessary changes to your home and properly maintain your AC unit you should not experience any problems with your home’s air quality. You and your family can breathe fresh air year-round and avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair.

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