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6 Home Energy Savers At No Cost

Living in the hot South during the summer with the air conditioning system running all the time can get really expensive . Did you know there are many home energy savers which you can implement at almost no cost at all? And no, turning off the light when you leave a room is not one of them.

6 Home Energy Savers You Can Apply Today

1. Take a Look at Your Hallway
Are all doors closed or open? Your air conditioning system works most efficiently if you leave the doors open. Leaving the doors open to the hallway is the best way to open up the air flow in the home.

2. Check your freezer
Is it full? Freezers work best if they are full. If you only have a few items you should use them as soon as possible and unplug the appliance. You could also fill up your freezer by stocking up on deals at a bulk sales store.

Free Home Energy Savers 3. Go to your laundry room
Do you usually wash your clothes in hot or cold water? Washing your clothes in cold water is not only better for fabrics but it lowers your electric bill. Additionally, hanging them out to dry instead of using a dryer every time saves a ton of energy.

4. Walk around your house
Are there many appliances which stay plugged in all the time? A toaster oven, a coffee maker, a TV in a guest room when there are no guests? Save yourself some money and unplug everything that’s not in use.

5. Check out your front porch
There’s nothing more welcoming for a family member coming home than a porch light on. However, leaving the light on all night can quickly make your energy bill very unwelcome. Motion detection lights are great home energy savers making light available only when needed.

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6. Take a look at your yard
Are there a lot of trees growing around your house? Trees are great home energy savers because they block bright sunlight all summer and hold in warmth during the winter. You can become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation and get some trees for free.

If you know of any more free home energy savers leave us a comment below!

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