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Air Conditioning Alternatives in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach summer heat can be scorching hot, so having a working air conditioning unit is a must.Air conditioning in Myrtle Beach is not an option in the summer heat, it’s a necessity. No one wants to sweat their days away without air conditioning or waiting on repairs when all they really need to do is replace that old worn out unit. Buying a new unit could be a wiser and possibly cheaper investment long term.

Typical Air Conditioning Options in Myrtle Beach

Two of the most standard air conditioning devices here in the South are the window unit and the central cooling unit, but there are a couple more options out there to make your home, office or personal space more comfortable. It is a great idea to consider one’s options in order to assist in the cooling of any space. It can be convenient this summer while working with dirty and dusty jobs in the laundry room, garage, or shed out back to have an effective cooling unit. All air conditioning machines pull in air and take the water out of it as it cools, so the condensation has to be stored and disposed of, regardless of the size and type of unit. A couple of alternatives are units that don’t require typical ductwork or specialized technicians in order to operate or maintain. They are the split system and portable air conditioning units.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning units are also referred to as ductless units. They are seen as quiet and efficient alternatives to central cooling systems. They can either connect to window units or not. For residential use, they come in high-wall split systems and multi-split systems. And, there are high-wall systems as well as under-ceiling and cassette style systems available for commercial spaces where offices and inventory are housed and where products are manufactured. They are ideal solutions for residential rooms and commercial spaces that do not have the necessary ductwork for a typical central air conditioning system or other devices. It is designed to work like a heat pump to assist with cooling a single room or multiple small rooms. These could be a sunroom, converted attic, or other room where ductwork is not easily accessible.

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Window or Portable Air Conditioning

Freestanding or portable air conditioning units are typically compact and are capable of sitting on the floor or a table in a room. They are easily relocated for the cooling of any room or reasonably sized space. They can typically service spaces ranging from 1200 cubic feet up to 4000 cubic feet. You’ll want to consider unit placement, not only for noise control but the fact that the hot air produced from the process of cooling will need to be exhausted through a nearby window. Most units come with a window installation component. And aside from having to empty the condensation drain bucket regularly, one will want to consider the maintenance of cleaning the filters and defrosting the coils regularly as well.

With room cooling alternatives like the ductless and portable air conditioning systems mentioned here, you’ll have to do a little more maintenance throughout use, but less money is required upfront and they are easy to replace, if needed.

So for those individuals and families dreading the remaining days of the summer heat because they don’t think they can afford a cooling system, all they have to do it search around a little for the most cost effective cooling alternatives that will last all summer long.

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