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Is Your Air Conditioning Causing Illness?

Is your air conditioning causing illness in your home? When people get sick, they naturally begin to look for a reason for their misfortune. Often, when it comes to feeling tired and lethargic, the air conditioning system gets the blame. The root of this may lie with a group of Legionnaires who stayed in a hotel in 1976 and caught a lung infection that is now known as Legionnaires’ disease.

While these unfortunate souls did, in fact, get violently ill from bacteria that was borne of an air conditioning system, this type of situation is extremely rare. When it comes to your seasonal cold, it’s very unlikely that your air conditioning is causing the problem. In fact, it may even be keeping you from getting sicker.

Is Your Air Conditioning Causing Illness in Your Home?

Air conditioning causing illness in your home? Not likely, but possible.

Studies have linked air conditioning use to an increase in office workers needing to visit ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists. Yet, while there is a correlation, scientists haven’t yet been able to find just cause for this theory.

What really may be going on here is that cold weather can make the lining of your nose a bit drier, and this can make you more vulnerable to a viral infection. The idea is that running your air conditioner can dry out your sinuses. It makes sense, but even if this is true, there is no evidence that drying of the nose leads to infection.

Air conditioners that aren’t maintained properly can certainly lead to a situation where allergens are released into the air. Of course, this issue is remedied by simply taking the time to get your air conditioning checked on a regular basis and changing out your filters. In fact, the American Lung Association encourages people who have asthma to use air conditioners. This is because an air conditioner creates better air circulation.

A good quality air conditioner can even help to clean the air. It comes down to a matter of perception. While your sickness may coincide with turning on the A?C, it doesn’t mean that yet another factor, such as a spring pollens, isn’t causing your sickness.

Air conditioning causing illness within your home is not likely, but if you suspect it could be causing problems, give Brown & Reaves Services a call today. 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible to check on your system for you.

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