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Air Conditioning For Your Garage?

From time to time, we have people ask us about air conditioning their garage. Let’s explore the reasons why you should NOT install air conditioning for your garage, and if you do decide to do so, the best way to do it.

First of all, if your garage is just going to be used as a garage, there’s no need to install air conditioning at all. It’s a waste of energy that will provide you with little if any benefit. If you’ve got some really valuable stuff that can’t take the heat or humidity out there, then bring it into the house.

Why do we say it’s a waste of energy? Because cars, lawn mowers, and junk don’t need air conditioning. Also, standard roll-up garage doors aren’t insulated or air-sealed, so you’re paying to condition space that’s constantly reheated by Mother Nature.

Why You Might Install Air Conditioning For Your Garage

installing air conditioning in your garageIf you do woodworking, maybe you need to have some form of air conditioning for your garage area. Or if you’re putting your car outside and turning your garage into another living area, then air conditioning will be needed, for sure.

A mistake many homeowners make is installing new duct-work into their garage and tying it into their central cooling system. Without getting too complicated with the reasons why this should not be done, let’s just say… it will cause your entire home to not cool properly.

An air conditioning system needs to be balanced in its airflow. Air responds to pressure differences. It can’t do anything, though, if it’s got nowhere to go. And trying to return air to your system from the garage is a losing battle, in most cases.

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Best Ways To Add Air Conditioning To Your Garage

If you really must install air conditioning in your garage, you need to install a separate system for the garage only. The best way to do this is with a mini-split heat pump or air conditioner. It’s perfect for this application because it’s small, doesn’t require ducts, is very energy efficient, and can be turned off when you don’t need to cool that space.

Another, less expensive, option would be to use a window unit. It’ll do the same thing for less cost. You’ll get more noise and lower efficiency, but if it’s not used much, that’ll probably be acceptable.

If you’re considering adding air conditioning to your garage, give Brown and Reaves Services a call. We’ll be glad to discuss your options with you based on what you plan to do with that cooled garage, and recommend the best route for you to take in air conditioning your garage area. 843-497-9867.

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