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Air Conditioning Installation: Choosing the Best Location

You may have purchased a home that doesn’t have a central air system, but hot weather is convincing you that an investment is necessary. Adding air conditioning¬†installation to your home is a clever way to increase its value while maintaining your comfort at the same time. However, the outdoor components must be properly installed with a few factors taken into consideration.

Air Conditioning Installation: Choosing the Best Outdoor Location

Regardless of the system’s name brand, every outdoor air-conditioner component will make some sounds. It houses a motor-and-fan configuration that will hum during operation. When planning for your air conditioning installation, choose an an area that’s far from your bedroom windows, if possible, as well as the neighbors’ windows. On any given hot day, the system will frequently turn on and off. A system placed close to your or the neighbors’ windows will create issues because of noisy conditions.

Air conditioning installation - choosing the best outdoor location

Ideally, select a location where the outdoor system is close to your home while keeping it far from any windows. You don’t want the system to be loud in your bedrooms or living spaces either. Close proximity also allows the refrigerant to have a short travel time. This liquid gas constantly moves between the indoor and outdoor components. When the refrigerant must travel a long distance, the system works harder than it should and operational costs might be higher as a result.

The other consideration for your air conditioning installation is support. The outdoor components are extremely heavy, and they must be supported by a proper concrete footing or padding. Your contractor will be able to size the footing to the system parts. Once the padding is installed, it will support the system for its entire lifespan. It’s even possible to use it for a replacement system in the future with an equivalent weight.

Your contractor will offer you several estimates based on various installation areas around the home. Don’t automatically choose the least expensive option. Pick a reasonable cost that will locate the air conditioner in a discreet area. This space should be convenient for the homeowners as well as your neighbors.

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