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Air Conditioning Making Strange Sounds?

Is your air conditioning making strange sounds? Like all other mechanical systems, your air conditioner makes different noises as it performs a cooling cycle. Some noises are to be expected, such as a click when the unit turns on and off, dripping noises as water is condensed out of the condenser unit, and the humming of the system’s fan as it rapidly spins during a cycle. However, some noises are not typical and warrant an inspection or troubleshooting session by an experienced air conditioning service technician.

Air Conditioning Making Strange Sounds: Here Are 3 Possible Reasons

Is you air conditioning making strange sounds? There could be an obstruction or something stuck in the fan blade.

Obstruction in the Fan

The exterior condenser unit of a central air conditioner has a large metal cage with grilles on each side for ventilation. A stick or some other sort of obstruction could get stuck in the grille, causing a loud vibrating sound every time the air conditioner turns on. You should not try to remove any obstructions yourself, as doing so could damage the unit’s fan blades.

Loose Belt

A flapping sound coming from the air conditioner could mean there is a loose hose or belt. Air conditioners have several hoses and one large belt that rotates along with the motor. A cracked or loose belt could be causing the loud sound you hear while the air conditioner cycles.

Loss of Lubrication

Over time, an air conditioner’s motor may lose some of the synthetic lubricant that is needed in order for all of the gears and blades to turn smoothly. As the lubricant wears off, the air conditioner may become louder while it is cycling. You may hear grinding or buzzing sounds due to the loss of lubrication. A cooling system repair technician is able to apply the correct type of lubricant to your air conditioner so that it operates with less noise.

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