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Fall Season Air Conditioning System Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

It’s fall season, and the cold weather is just around the corner, so you’re probably using your air conditioning system less and less. This will be the perfect time to take care of air conditioning system maintenance for the winter.

One of the most important air conditioning system maintenance tasks that a homeowner can do without the aid of an HVAC professional is to clean the system. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your AC unit will be ready when the warm weather comes back around next Spring.

Unplug the device

For your protection while cleaning, it’s a good idea to unplug your AC unit or turn off the breaker before you start the cleaning job.

Remove any obstructions

Your air conditioning system maintenance should include trimming back any vegetation.

Be sure to remove any obstructions to your outside unit. Trim any vegetation growing around the condenser. If you don’t its growth could start to impact the performance of your system and maybe even lead to costly repairs. If you have a leaf blower, use it to drive away any dirt and debris that may have accumulated on or around the unit.

Remove the top grille and spray clean the unit

Take off the grille and pull up the fan. Peer inside and check if any debris found its way into the AC interior. If you live in a windy location, this can be quite common. Use your hose to carefully spray the fins of the unit. Use only light pressure. For any debris that has become lodged in the fins, you can use any thin metal tool such as knife or chisel to remove them. Be careful not to push your tool too hard so you won’t damage the fins. You can also use the same tools to straighten any bent fins.

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If you’re not confident with opening up your AC unit, you can always schedule a service appointment with your HVAC professional to handle the air conditioning system maintenance for you.

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