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Air Conditioning Unit Freezing in the Middle of Summer?

Do you find yourself with your air conditioning unit freezing during the middle of summer?  There are two main reason for this happening. Let’s look at these in detail.

Air Conditioning Unit Freezing During the Hot Summer Months
Let's look at some of the reasons for your air conditioning unit freezing during the hot summer months

The most common reason for your air conditioning unit freezing is because of improper air flow. The other reason deals with problems connected to the refrigerant or Freon gas. When the indoor air flow is restricted, it means there is no air moving through the air conditioning system. This air flow keeps the condensate on the evaporator coils from freezing. It may be a simple problem of a dirty air filter. You may be able to change or clean the filter yourself, but to make sure the unit will function efficiently during hot weather, it is best to have an annual tune-up during the winter when the weather is still cold. This is something you should keep in mind for next winter and have this done at that time.

If an air conditioner freezes because of a refrigerant leak, you need professional HVAC help. You may choose to have the leak repaired or, you may opt to buy a new system. This will depend on the age of your system, the number of times it has needed repair and the advice of the technicians. If you decide to repair the unit, a licensed technician should pinpoint the leak and repair it before adding any new Freon or other refrigerant.

Another cause for an air conditioning unit freezing is a filter that may be clean, but is too restrictive and doesn’t allow enough air to pass through. Too few return ducts, damaged ductwork and dirty evaporator coils may also be the reason for your air conditioning unit freezing up. If you have a window unit, it must be the right size for the room it is supposed to cool. If it is too small, it will have to overwork, which will result in condensation forming, causing ice. If it is too big, it may ice up because it is not running often enough.

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