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Why Is Your Home’s Central Air Conditioning Unit Leaking?

Why is your home’s central air conditioning unit leaking? All air conditioners create water because they condense moisture from the indoor air. As warm air is cooled, the humidity condenses and becomes liquid. All of this water has to go somewhere. With a window type air conditioning unit, the water just drips down the back and lands on the ground below. With a central air conditioner, the water should drain through the condensate line. If you notice water leakage from your home’s central air conditioning system, it could be due to one of these three reasons.

Central Air Conditioning Unit Leaking: Three Possible Causes

Cracked Drain Pan

Is your central air conditioning unit leaking? Here are three possible causes...

With each cycling of your central air conditioning system, some humidity is turned into liquid water. The water collects in the drain pan of the air handler. Over years of exposure to water, the metal drain pan could become rusty and crack. A cracked drain pan will cause the water to leak to the bottom of the air handler and make a puddle on the floor. An HVAC technician can replace the cracked drain pan.

Obstructed Drain Line

The dark, warm, and moist environment of the air conditioner’s drain line is an ideal place for algae, moss, and mold to grow. Algae and mold can grow so thickly in the condensate line that they can cause an obstruction. When the drain line’s interior circumference is reduced, less of the water can flow from the air conditioner to the waste water system. The extra water may leak out of the drain pipe and make it appear to be your air conditioning unit leaking when it’s actually the drain line clogged causing all the leaking.

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Faulty Sensor

Dirt or dust on the air conditioner’s sensor may cause the whole system to shut down. A backup of water may occur within the system due to the unexpected shutdown. The water will take the path of least resistance, which is often to flow out of the air handler and onto the floor near the air conditioner, once againĀ making it appear to be your air conditioning unit leaking.

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