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Do I Need a New Air Conditioning Unit

There is nothing more frustrating and more time consuming than an important house appliance which needs repair or service every year. As a homeowner you should be aware of signs indicating that it might be time to start shopping around for a new air conditioning unit.

Do I Need a New Air Conditioning Unit

Signs of a Problem

Every good homeowner should track their household expenses so they can quickly notice inconsistencies. The most obvious sign of a problem is a sudden rise in your energy bill which could not be caused by some unusual events, such as relatives staying over, an extreme heat wave, or a house renovation. It is always a good idea to keep your energy bills from the previous years so you can quickly compare your month to month energy usage.

Unusual smells or noises coming from your air conditioner could mean the system is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced entirely. Older systems might also turn off and on repeatedly as they struggle to keep the home at a consistent temperature.

Repair or Replace?

The best way to decide if you should repair your AC or purchase a brand new air conditioning unit is to consider the age of your system. While some units will last for 12 years or longer, their efficiency often plummets after 10 years. Older systems simply weren’t held to the same standards as modern high-efficiency air conditioners. A trusted HVAC specialist will inspect your unit and determine if it’s worth it to invest more money in your current system to repair it.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioning Unit

The first and most crucial benefit of installing a new air conditioner is the amount of money a homeowner can save on their energy bills every month. Owning a new unit will also mean you don’t need to worry about your AC breaking down in the middle of the night when the temperatures are in the 80’s outside. Additionally, new air conditioning models are made to be more durable which means a homeowner may not need to worry about replacing their unit for another 12 to 15 years.

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