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Duct Cleaning Will Help You Breathe Better

Many homeowners consider duct cleaning a way to make their indoor air cleaner. Research on whether it can really create a healthier home is in the early stages.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends looking into duct cleaning after fires, floods, pest infestations and in hazardous waste situations, or if you can see particles coming out of your ducts. Otherwise, the agency says it’s not necessary for the average household.

How to Know if You Need Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is recommended to help freshen the air in your home and make your heating and cooling system run more efficiently.Many of our customers who have had duct cleaning performed on their heating and cooling system have reported back that they feel they have better air quality, a cleaner home, and not as much dust collecting on everything. Customers are often surprised at how much debris has collected in their ductwork over the years.

Homeowners can tell when duct cleaning may be needed by simply removing a register cover, inserting a camera and clicking a photo.

If you decide to have duct cleaning done in your home, understand that duct cleaning doesn’t just mean we come out and clean your ducts, we also clean the air handler for your heat pump or furnace, which also could add to the life of your equipment.

We also look for any places in your duct system where a duct may have become unsealed, torn, or flattened, preventing good airflow. Since proper duct cleaning means taking your ductwork loose in places, it is not something recommended for homeowners to do themselves. As trained technicians, we know how to reseal the point of entry correctly so you won’t lose energy.

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