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Getting The Most Out Of Your Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

Depending on the size of their living and working space, some business owners and homeowners choose a smaller, ductless air conditioning unit to keep them cool during the hot months in South Carolina. The drawback of a smaller A/C unit is the fact that it may substantially increase your power bill. When using this type of an air conditioner there are several ways to make it operate at its peak efficiency at a lower cost, and even reducing the impact on the environment.

Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

Supercharge Your Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

The following are some of the ways of saving money and protecting the environment while using your ductless air conditioner.

  • Replace old air conditioners for an Energy Star-certified air conditioning unit. These units are better than 15% more efficient than their older counterparts and more eco friendly.
  • Consider the size of your room before buying an air conditioner. There is no need of installing a huge unit in a small room which can stay cool just as well with a smaller appliance.
  • Try to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees. Keep your clothing light. It will feel a little hot at first but eventually your body will adjust to a higher temperature.
  • At night, if it’s cool, turn off the air conditioner and open the windows.
  • Close the doors of the rooms which are not in use. In the summer, it is much better for your comfort level to keep one room of your apartment nice and cool than for the whole place to feel warm and stuffy.
  • If you don’t have doors between certain parts of your house get creative with hanging a thick blanket between rooms, which you can easily put up and take down.
  • Invest in a good fan. Make sure your fan is going in the right direction pushing air downward toward you. A fan doesn’t actually make the place cooler it just makes you feel cooler.
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The following are maintenance tips for a ductless air conditioning unit to make sure it works efficiently.

  • Make sure you clean the filter of your A/C unit. You can easily remove it and give it a thorough clean. Your air conditioner will operate much better and the air quality in your home will improve significantly.
  • Clean the evaporator and the condenser coils.

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