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Selecting an Efficient Heating System for Your Myrtle Beach Area Home

Even if you live in a temperate climate like Myrtle Beach where it stays relatively mild in the winter months, an efficient heating system is a necessary element to ensure a safe and comfortable indoor environment. Not all systems, however, are created equal. Whether you’re considering replacing your current heater or you’re building a new home, choosing the wrong furnace or heat pump can affect not only your comfort but also your pocketbook.

What Type of Fuel or Energy Source Is Available?

Usually, furnaces run on gas, oil, or electricity. If your current home isn’t already set up with a gas line or a storage and distribution system for a gas or oil burner, an electric heat system may be your best – and least expensive – bet. If you’re building a new home or you live in an area where gas or fuel oil is more cost-effective, however, it’s best to weigh your options more carefully or listen to the recommendations of your HVAC contractor.

What Type of Climate Do You Live In?

Make sure you have an efficient heating system in your Myrtle Beach area home.

People who live in Northern, colder climates need a good and efficient heating system. That’s why furnaces and boilers are more common in these areas. Those who live in milder climates like the Grand Strand will do better with an electric heat pump or a heater and AC combination.

How Much Will It Cost?

Cost doesn’t just apply to the system as a whole, but also to the cost of installing, running, and maintaining your system. Newer systems usually have a sticker on them that offers an estimate of how much they will cost to run over time. You can also get this information from your local utility or oil supply company and from a qualified HVAC contractor.

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Knowing more about HVAC systems and how they heat your home should narrow down your options considerably.

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