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Electric Heater Safety Tips

Use an electric heater according to these guidelines and the manufacturer recommendationsIt’s that time of year again when many people turn to an electric heater to supplement their household heat. Even though an electric heater is very handy for warming up our homes during those chilly winter days, it is important to be aware of the safety hazards associated with using them.

Thousands of fires are associated with an electric heater every single year and there are hundreds of reports of people receiving serious burns from them. With a little common sense and smart planning, these accidents don’t have to happen.

The main hazard associated with an electric heater is that they get extremely hot; even though there is no actual flame involved, material that is kept close to the appliance is still prone to catch fire. Over the years, a number of different items have caught fire due to exposure to an electric heater, including: curtains, furniture, toys and even paper.

Electric Heater Safety Guidelines

Make sure your electric heater is registered with the relevant bodies

More often than not, packaging for an electric heater will feature a symbol that indicates it has been tested by the appropriate government bodies and that it meets their approval. This does not guarantee that you won’t run into any problems, but it does allow you to sleep easier knowing that your electric heater is in compliance.

Avoid using an extension cord

It’s best never to use an extension cord with any electric heater, but if you must use an extension cord, make absolutely certain it features a three prong grounded plug and a 14-wire gauge size for maximum safety. You should also avoid running the cord for your electric heater underneath carpet and make sure the appliance has been placed on a flat surface to avoid tipping over.

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Read your instruction manual carefully

When you first purchase your electric heater, be sure to read the manual from cover to cover before using it. This document will outline how far away the appliance must be kept from furniture, flooring and even people. These sorts of distances may vary depending on the type of electric heater you own.

Never leave an electric heater on and unattended

This includes not leaving the unit on while sleeping, as you cannot keep a close eye on it while sleeping. Avoid leaving young children unattended around any electric heater. They can easily knock it over or burn themselves. Only use your electric heater in situations where you have complete control.

It should go without saying to only use your electric heater for its intended purpose – providing heat to rooms in your home. Never use your heater to thaw frozen pipes or to dry wet clothing, as this is when many disasters occur. Never use an electric heater in wet areas to prevent it from shorting out.

Brown and Reaves Services wants you to have a safe winter, and if your winter plans include the use of an electric heater, use these safety tips to keep your family and your home out of harms way.  Call us anytime, 24/7, for heating problems that may force you to use an electric heater just to keep your house warm. 843-497-9867.  Remember to grab our 20% off coupon on your next service call by Liking us on Facebook. We also post daily tips and money saving ideas on Twitter.

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