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Get Ready For That Dreaded January Electric Bill

Your January electric bill is sure to be a shock due to all the cold weather we had.Have you gotten your January electric bill yet? If not, brace yourself. The extremely cold weather we had during January, coupled with the fact that it stayed cold for a longer period than usual, is causing everyone to have a much higher than normal January electric bill.

Not only have heating systems been working overtime to keep everyone’s home warm, but other everyday energy hogs continue to run, adding to the hit you’ll see on that January electric bill.

Energy is the only product we buy and use on a daily basis where we have no idea how much we actually pay for it. It would be different if we had to feed dollars into a machine to make the power run in our homes.

The way we use energy now is the equivalent of walking into a convenience store every day and filling our pockets with candy and walking out. Then the bill comes at the end of the month and we say, “There’s no way I ate that much candy!”

This is an inherent problem with the way we use energy, or it will be, at least, until we live like the Jetsons and have nifty energy dashboards in our homes.

Other Than Heat, What Caused Our January Electric Bill to Skyrocket?

Several things. We simply have more stuff plugged in now than we did five or 10 years ago — Xboxes, electronics chargers, iPads — and some of those things are energy hogs.

For example, plasma TVs use as much energy as a refrigerator. They’re getting more efficient now, but if you had the old square CRT and replaced it with a flat-screen plasma, you’re instantly paying much more than you did before to run that plasma TV.

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People are replacing incandescent light bulbs with the newer energy efficient CFL’s. But if you leave your lights on twice as long because you think you’re saving energy now with the newer bulbs, you’re wrong. It’s like eating salad so you can have desert.

Too late now to save on that January electric bill, but you can do something about February. Turn down your thermostat by 2 degrees and put on a sweater. Turn off lights in rooms when you’re not in there. Unplug appliances and other power hogs that you aren’t using, including shutting down your computer at night instead of leaving them running 24/7.

Of course, no one knows how cold or mild it will be the rest of this month, so milder weather will help naturally to cut down on power consumption. But you can help lower that electric bill even further by following a few energy saving tips around your home. Find other energy savings ideas by checking out our other articles on energy savings.

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