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Get Ready for Air Conditioning Season Before Weather Gets Hot

Get ready for air conditioning season before it’s time to turn on the air conditioning (if you haven’t already). With electricity costs causing everyone’s energy bill to climb higher, the demand for energy efficient heating and cooling systems has dramatically increased. With energy costs on the rise, this summer could be sweaty—and expensive. But there are some easy ways to trim your cooling costs without suffering through those 90-degree evenings. We all know they’re coming soon.

Getting ready for air conditioning season is best done by calling a trained professional to service your unit, but there are some things you can do yourself to make sure your air conditioning is ready for those hot summer days. You’ll need some tools, like a screwdriver and voltage meter.

Step 1 to Get Ready for Air Conditioning Season

Air Conditioning Breaker PanelStart with your outside condensing unit. Turn off the breaker to the unit before you do anything. Remove the screws to the control panel and use a voltage meter to check for voltage to the unit. Once you’ve confirmed there is no voltage getting to the unit, you can begin inspection of controls and components.

Remove any dead leaves or debris that may still be there from the winter months and brush off any dirt and debris that may have built up on the grills or fins. The fan will suck dirt and debris into the unit naturally through the fins or grills, so making sure they are clean is essential to an efficient air conditioning system.

 Check Coolant Lines

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The refrigeration tubes running from the evaporator on the air handler to the outside condenser unit are usually covered with some type of foam insulation to prevent them from losing coolant. If there are areas where this insulation appears to be frayed, cut or simply missing altogether, you should replace it.  Wrap the lines with foam insulation tape, which you can easily cut with scissors, utility knife or a box cutter.

The inside of your air handler also needs to be checked and cleaned. This part of the job is better left to a trained professional.

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