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Going Green Can Save You Money

Going green around your home is good for the environment and your wallet! It seems like everywhere you look these days people are talking about the environment and the benefits of going green at home. Here are some ways to make your old home more energy efficient…

Change Your Thermostat.

A programmable thermostat could possibly save you up to $150 a year on your heating and cooling costs according to Energy Star. When you are outside the home for work or vacation, a programmable thermostat will allow you to set it and forget it!

Repair/Replace Your Heating & Cooling System.

Many older homes have outdated heating and air conditioning equipment. If your system is 10 years or older and your current energy bills continue to rise, you need to have your equipment checked out. A trained HVAC technician can do a cost benefit analysis on your current system to identify where your problems are, and whether you will save money by repairing the equipment versus replacing the equipment.

Seal Your Air Ducts.

Even if your current system is in good working order you may still want to have your air ducts checked. Sealing your air ducts can improve the efficiency of your system by up to 20%. Signs that you might need to seal your ducts… rooms that are difficult to heat/cool, high utility bills and stuffy/uncomfortable rooms.

Seal Drafty Windows.

Drafty old windows can push your heating/cooling bills to the limit. Replacing your old windows with new insulated glass windows is very expensive and doesn’t always preserve the historic charm of older homes. A cheaper solution is to install new weather stripping around your older windows in order to stop heat/air loss. If your windows rattle in their frames, replacing the putty that holds them in place can improve the performance of your old windows as well.

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Depending on the type of energy efficient upgrades you make to your older home you might be able to file for special energy credits on your tax return. Save your receipts and check with your accountant at tax time!

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