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Heating Advice to Extend the Lifespan of Your Heat Pump

The most expensive appliance in your entire household is probably your heat pump. It could be quite an energy hog, especially when used constantly. In fact, the United States Energy Department estimated that more than half of the total energy consumption in a typical home is attributed to the heat pump. The following heating tips can just make the lifespan of your heat pump last longer than what is expected. It can also help you run it efficiently to lower your overall energy cost at home.

For maximum heating efficiency, check the air filter and replace it whenever dirt accumulates

Replace the Air Filters

A dirty air filter is one thing that can make the entire heat pump wear out and age faster as well. Every month, you should check the air filter and replace it whenever dirt accumulates. You will also need to verify whether the filter you are using is the right size. Consult the manual for this, or check the current filter in your cold air return vent and replace with the same size, making sure of course that your current filter is the correct size.

Inspect the Condenser

The heat pump and the central air conditioner both use the outdoor condenser. This key component needs to be maintained for efficient energy consumption, better heating and longer life span. The condenser must have good air flow to heat the entire home. Remove any accumulated debris and other objects that might be blocking the sides. You should also keep the coil in the condenser clean by periodically spraying it with clean water.

Annually Service the System

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Heat pump professionals can provide maintenance services that would help you keep your heat pump around longer. After all, smaller problems are less expensive and easier to fix before they get worse.

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