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Heating Repair: What to Do and NOT to Do When Using Your System

When it is cold, it is your heating system that keeps the temperature in your home comfortable. Maintaining it and ensuring that it’s used properly is a year-round job to avoid breakdowns, especially when you need it the most. Otherwise, you lose the home appliance that protects you and your family from illnesses caused by low temperatures.

You can only get the maximum benefits of a heating system if you use it right. Here are some do’s and don’ts in terms of operating and taking care of your home’s heating system the whole year round.

Do Not Avoid Using the Heater

Some nights at the beginning of spring can still be a little too cold for some people. There are homeowners who refuse to turn on the heater, even if they feel cold, just to save electricity. While this may cut down on your energy bill, your health may be compromised. Keeping the temperature comfortably warm inside will protect you and your family from colds and other illnesses. If you tally up the costs, you may even be surprised that getting sick is more expensive, as you will have to seek medical treatment and possibly miss time from work. 

Do Not Quickly Turn Up the Thermostat

Testing your heater from time to time is important to determine whether it’s working correctly. When doing so, avoid quickly turning the thermostat up. This won’t heat up your home fast. Instead, it will make the heating system work harder for nothing since it will only send out uncomfortable heat until it reaches its desired temperature. Even if you lower the thermostat by then, the system will still heat up the room at the same speed. Many systems are equipped with electric heat strips that will kick on automatically if the temperature on the thermostat is set more than 2 degrees above where it is. Try to avoid this practice to keep those heat strips from kicking on.

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Do Remove Condensation

To prevent condensation, you can let natural air in for around 30 minutes to an hour. You can do this,weather permitting of course, by opening a window every morning and leaving just a small gap after a short period. This will allow the air to circulate inside, removing whatever condensation that has been forming. 

Do Have the System Checked Regularly

Regular inspection and tuneup is part of the heating system’s maintenance. This way, you can spot problems before they get worse, saving you from expensive heating repair. Also, a regular checkup will ensure that your system is efficient and won’t leave you freezing during the cold winter months. One thing to remember is to hire a professional from Myrtle Beach, SC when doing any inspection and repairs as they have the knowledge and tools needed for this job.

A heating system is a valuable device in your home. It’s not something you can play around with and it has to be used properly. If you’re not sure how to use it or if you notice any problems with it, contact the professionals specializing in heating and air conditioning systems to get expert advice and repairs. Call Brown & Reaves Services today at 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible to answer any questions you may have about your heating system.

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