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What You Need to Know About Heating System Maintenance

Most people don’t think about their home heating system until it breaks down and the temperature inside their home starts to drop. A lot of HVAC system issues emerge unexpectedly, usually when your local technicians cannot cater to your needs or when the weather conditions are bad. That is why you should schedule heating system maintenance once a year.

Failure to determine and prevent problems that may be brewing will shorten the life of your unit. Homeowners who never have their systems serviced by professionals may experience up to 25 percent loss in heating efficiency.

Heating system maintenance and what you can do yourself.

Heating System Maintenance Checklist

What a Homeowner Should Do

The first thing you should do to keep your heating system in perfect shape is to regularly change air filters. We know, you probably have heard this a million times, but we are amazed at how many people fail to change their filters periodically. Dirty filters can reduce airflow which blocks heat from traveling properly through the duct system. Filters should be replaced at least every two months and possibly more often if the system is used constantly during winter.

Make sure the circuit breaker is on and the unit’s switch stays on during the cold season. Inspect the thermostat regularly. The temperature control should be above the present room temperature with the switch set to heat. If set to auto, the fan can run continuously and only blow when the heating system is operating.

What a Technician Does During Maintenance Service

If you have a heat pump an HVAC technician normally checks and replaces the belts, oils moving parts, inspects all wiring and changes filters. Heating system maintenance for a gas-fired system involves checking the heat exchanger, flue, adjusting the burner, oiling the circulating motor and changing filters. For oil-fired boiler systems, expect the technician to clean the flue, change the fuel filter and clean or make adjustments to the fuel jets.

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Don’t procrastinate – set up an appointment for your heating system maintenance. Call Brown and Reaves Services today at 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form to schedule a service call to make sure your Myrtle Beach heating system is ready for the winter ahead.

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