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Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient for Heating and Cooling Comfort

A home energy assessment should be your first step in determining why your heating and cooling costs remain high. An auditor uses diagnostic equipment to analyze areas inside the home to determine what solutions can be implemented to solve likely problems. Your local power company might offer this service to you free of charge.

Water Heater Efficiency

The water heater in your home is one of those on-demand appliances most people never think about unless they need to use hot water. The heater temp setting is located at the side of the tank. A recommended temperature of 120 degrees will keep the tank warm enough to provide hot water. An electrician can install a switch so you can control when you need to heat water inside the tank. Installing an insulation blanket around the tank can help save money on electric bills.

The Central Heating Unit

Scheduling a service call with Brown & Reaves Services is an important procedure that needs to be done annually. Most homeowners neglect having professionals service their heating systems each year. This leads to surprise repairs, which they probably could avoid if they had their heating system maintained.

Changing filters can be done by almost anyone. You should at least change the filter every six to eight weeks during heating season. Other problems can develop over time, which require technicians to diagnose and service the unit. You should start thinking about a replacement if your current heating system is over 15 years old.

Doors and Windows

Worn doors and windows are an escape route for heat and cool air. The same can be said about their entry inside a home. You can check for leaks around them by lighting a candle on a windy day and then moving the candle around the frames to check for a flickering flame. This can quickly allow you to determine where any leaks might be located. Weather stripping and caulking are proven methods to eliminate drafty windows and doors. Upgrading windows or doors can decrease energy costs. They also add value to your home once you decide to put it up for sale in the future.

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