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Home Inspection of the HVAC System

Are you planning to buy a home in the beautiful Myrtle Beach area? Looking at our local housing market in the fall is a wonderful experience because of the pleasant weather. There is no need to use AC in a house. However, with no AC running how can you be sure the HVAC system works properly? Before you purchase a house you should most definitely consider a home inspection of the HVAC system at the property.

It should be noted: a typical home inspection, generally recommended for anyone buying a home, does not usually cover a thorough home inspection of the HVAC system. This requires a separate inspection by a trained HVAC Inspector.

Without a properly working air conditioning system in a house, summers in Myrtle Beach may be unbearable. HVAC systems are also the home’s largest consumer of energy so a thorough HVAC inspection could save you money in the long run.

Home Inspection of the HVAC System – Steps Involved

A checklist of items when getting a home inspection of the HVAC system for a home.

A professional performing a detailed home inspection of the HVAC system will most certainly start with the thermostat, checking all of its functions.

Then he will check for loose electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors. While at it, he will listen for any squeaks and noises when manually examining moving parts.

Next, he will inspect the condensate drain checking for clogs. Too much condensation buildup causes rust to form on internal parts. A clogged drain may cause mold growth and affect indoor humidity levels.

Air filters should be cleaned or replaced every 90 days. Chances are you may need to purchase new air filters should you decide to buy a property.

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A home inspection of the HVAC system should also include checking for gas connections if a house uses gas. A professional inspector will smell for gas leaks near all gas fittings and inspect heat exchangers and burners for cracks.

When the inspection is finished you get a report with a clear description of any issues.

Even if a home inspection doesn’t reveal any major issues we strongly advise to have your HVAC system maintained and cleaned frequently by a professional.

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