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A Quick Guide to Improving Your Home Heating System Efficiency

Smart homeowners are always searching for solutions to improve home heating system efficiency, as well as the comfort inside their homes when weather conditions change. Saving money on utility bills has become a top priority for many of them. Here is a list of some of the best ways to save money and improve the home heating system efficiency and living comfort in your home.

Replacing the Thermostat

Our technicians can help you with your home heating system efficiency.

Thermostats controlled through mobile phone apps are the latest technology available for homeowners. You can monitor the heating system from anywhere you please with your phone app. A phone app can even turn the system on or off when necessary. You can adjust the temperature settings to make your home comfortable for those arriving from work and school. An HVAC technician can install the device for you and you provide you with a whole new level of home heating system efficiency.

Inspect the Ducts for Leak

Over a period of time, duct systems can deteriorate. They can develop leaks where they connect or seals can loosen. Once this happens, the heated air moving through the system can pull in cold air through the cracks. This will cause the heating system to operate longer to try to compensate for the heat loss. You can try to inspect the duct system to locate damage, but your local HVAC technicians have the tools and knowledge to make sure the duct system is sealed correctly.

Conduct Annual Maintenance

Homeowners should have their heating system maintained once a year. Even if the system looks fine and performs well, it still requires some tune-up to make sure it will not break down any time soon. The filters and belts must be replaced regularly. Accumulating flue must be eradicated and the fan motors oiled. You can choose to carry out these tasks by yourself or leave them to your local HVAC technicians.

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Consider Having a Heat Pump

More and more homeowners are now choosing heat pumps over traditional heating systems because they’ve realized the savings they can experience. Heat pumps cool and heat homes through one system. Most HVAC service providers have systems available to fit your needs. We can do the installation for you.

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