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Is Your Home Ready For Your Summer Vacation?

Get your home ready for your summer vacationNow that summer is in full swing, you may be ready for a vacation (if you haven’t taken one already). But is your home ready for your summer vacation?

Follow these tips to make sure your home stays secure and energy-efficient while you’re away enjoying your time off.

Timed Lights

Connect a few lamps around the house to timers and set them on a schedule consistent with your family’s normal activity. With lights going on and off on a regular (or irregular) basis, your home will appear occupied. So criminals will move on.

Get a House Sitter

Have a trusted friend or professional house sitting service take care of your home while you’re away. They’ll discourage crime by visiting your home regularly and bringing in your mail and paper for you. They can also water your houseplants and take care of any pets you may be leaving behind, giving you fewer things to worry about during your summer vacation.

Stop Your Mail and Paper

If you can’t get a house sitter you trust pick up your mail and paper, help your house look occupied during your trip by contacting the Postal Service and your newspaper to temporarily hold your service while you’re gone.

Protect Against Unexpected Leaks

If you’re going to be gone for a long summer vacation, it may make sense to temporarily shut off the water supply to major appliances like washing machines, ice makers, sinks and toilets. That way, there’s no chance of a leak occurring, and no chance you’ll come home to a kitchen or laundry room full of water.

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Clean Up Your Yard

Mowing the grass before you leave for that summer vacation can help your home look occupied. Arrange to have a friend or lawn service cut it if you’re going to be away for an extended period. Trimming trees and shrubs away from outside windows can also be helpful, as it makes it difficult for burglars to hide or enter your home unnoticed.

Unplug Small Electronics

Many household devices like coffee makers, televisions and DVRs can continue to draw current even when switched off. Unplug them to save energy. Furthermore, unplugging your garage door can protect your home from criminals using universal garage door remotes. Just make sure you have an alternate way to get back in when you return from your summer vacation!

Don’t Waste Energy Cooling an Empty Home

There’s no sense running an air conditioner when there’s nobody there to feel it. Set your cooling system to 80 to 84 degrees while you’re away. If you have a friend checking on the house for you while you’re away, you could have them turn the temperature back down the day you’re due to return so your home won’t be so hot when you get back.

Don’t Broadcast Your Whereabouts

Social media can be a great way to share your summer vacation memories as they happen. However, by letting everyone know that you’re having a great time far away, you’re also pointing out the fact that your home is empty. Save the vacation photo sharing until you’re back home. Also be sure to watch the conversations you have about your trip while you’re at work, school or in any other public place. You never know who’s listening for an opportunity.

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Hopefully these summer vacation tips will help you come back home to find everything safe and sound, and no incidents to have to deal with upon your return. These summer vacation tips presented by Brown and Reaves Services, Inc. Call us anytime, 24/7, for air conditioning problems. 843-497-9867.  Remember to grab our 20% off coupon on your next service call by Liking us on Facebook.

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