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Keep Your House Warm Without a Heater

The temperatures are dropping and the heating bills are rising. Welcome to Winter. Even though we rarely get any snow in the Myrtle Beach area we still have to deal with freezing temperatures, and high energy bills. However, there are ways to keep your house warm without a heater this winter.

How to Keep Your House Warm Without a Heater

1. Let the Sunshine In

Here are some tips for keeping your house warm without a heater this winter

Living in the South we are fortunate to enjoy a lot of sun during the winter months. Make sure you open your curtains and blinds during the day to get as much sun in as possible. A house full of natural light will feel and look warmer and will make you feel more energetic. At the same time, when the sun goes down close the blinds and the curtains. The best way to block the draft from any window is a two-curtain setup with a liner.

2. Stop that Winter Draft

The best way to keep your house warm without a heater is to make sure your windows and doors are sealed off to prevent leaks. Even though the Winter is upon us, you still have time get some caulk and weather stripping for your home using them where needed.

3. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

If you want to make sure a room is evenly heated flip the reverse switch on your ceiling fan so that it moves clockwise. The fan will then force the hot air down to the floor.

4. Cook Something

If you want to quickly get your house warm without a heater get busy in the kitchen. Cooking will add some heat to your home and eating warm food will make you feel warmer without running to the thermostat.

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5. Dance, hug or cuddle!

Yes, the best things in life are free. Have a very Warm and Merry Christmas!

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