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Low – Cost & No – Cost Home Energy Saving Measures

In an effort to help make your home more energy efficient, we have been giving you tips on saving energy in different places in your home.  This week, we have chosen to give you ideas for the “miscellaneous” things in your home that can help with your energy savings, and thus, saving money on your electric bill.

1.  Turn computers and monitors off when not in use.

2.  Turn any waterbed heaters off when not needed.

3.  Turn large – screen TV’s off completely when not in use.

4.  Turn of stereos and radios when not in use.

5.  Remember to turn off hair curling irons and hot rollers.

6.  Turn off coffee makers when not in use.

7.  Turn off pool pump and / or heater when not needed.

8.  Verify livestock water tank heaters are off when not needed.

9.  Make sure heat tape is off when not needed.

10.  Unplug battery chargers when not needed.

11.  Ensure all new appliances you purchase are Energy-Star approved.

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