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These Myrtle Beach Air Conditioner Tips May Help Save Energy

Sometimes, one just has to turn on their Myrtle Beach air conditioner at home. Sometimes, one also has to keep it running for hours on end. In the height of summer – or the occasional heat wave – there’s no better way to keep cool, comfortable, and healthy.

These occasions might sound alarm bells among the environmentally conscious, but cranking up the cold doesn’t always translate into a huge drain of energy. Homeowners can indulge in air conditioning responsibly by using their appliances wisely, keeping them in good working condition, and making a few other adjustments. At first, these following tips might sound odd and unrelated to your Myrtle Beach air conditioner, but they will help save energy while using the AC.

Tips to Save Energy When Your Myrtle Beach Air Conditioner is Running Constantly

  1. Rearrange the furniture.

Help your Myrtle Beach air conditioner work more efficiently by purchasing a simple vent extender to bring the intended air out into the room.

Sometimes, not-too-obvious factors like furniture positioning can get in the way of maximizing air circulation. Are any air vents behind or under sofas or tables? Are any air paths blocked by cabinets or other furniture? Homeowners should take a good look around their rooms for obstructions like these. They might make one spot in the living room or study really, literally cool, but they also waste the energy that could be cooling the rest of the house. Consider purchasing a simple vent extender to bring the intended air out into the room.

  1. Keep refrigerators and stoves in good working order.

Refrigerators and stoves – especially older, inefficient models – tend to emit what is called “waste heat.” This tends to raise the temperature inside the house. With waste heat filling a room as your Myrtle Beach air conditioner tries to cool it, the latter’s cooling energies are negated, even wasted.

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Homeowners can upgrade appliances to reduce waste heat emission. Alternatively, they can also relocate units. Freezers, washers, and dryers, for example, can all be moved to the garage, or someplace without air conditioning.

If your laundry room has a door, close it when running the electric dryer. This will help contain heat emitting from the dryer to that one room instead of letting it spread to other areas of your house.

  1. Turn off the lights and pull down the shades.

More light means more heat – whether the light source is the sun or a bulb. Turning off most or all lights during the day, as well as pulling down shades or drawing curtains, can keep the house cooler and allow your Myrtle Beach air conditioner to accomplish its job more efficiently. Installing low wattage energy-efficient light bulbs can also help do the trick.

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