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Improving the Efficiency of Your Myrtle Beach Home Heating System

Older homes with inefficient heating systems poise a challenge to people who love old charm with modern technology. Most homeowners will improvise with some of the heating methods used in historical structures. Others will combine today’s heating technology with old tradition. Making the correct choice is the key to providing comfort and efficiency in your Myrtle Beach home heating system. Cost concerns are another area where homeowners want to be able to get a return on their investment.

Selecting the Perfect Solution

Understanding what system will work properly for an older home should be determined through an energy assessment. Santee Cooper and Horry Electric can do this audit free of charge. They perform tests to determine if the house needs upgrades to prevent heat loss.

Insulation, Weather Stripping, and Door and Window Sealing

Make sure your Myrtle Beach home heating system is running at its best possible efficiency.

Those upgrades could include additional insulation in walls, ceilings, and below flooring. Old windows might need replacement or be weatherized to prevent heat loss. An existing duct system connected together could have leaks that have to be repaired. Old houses with high ceilings have a reputation of being hard to heat. Additionally, the actual square footage of the home can have a tremendous impact on heating.

Installing Programmable Thermostat

A new heat pump or natural-gas furnace with a programmable thermostat will keep an old home warm, but upgrades should be performed to get the best efficiency out of the heating system. The duct system should be sealed with mastic to prevent heat loss, and the existing Myrtle Beach home heating system should be tuned up. Windows should be upgraded to energy-efficient products or weatherized. Likewise, insulation should be added in the attic and walls. Additionally, unusable fireplaces should be sealed off or have the damper closed.

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Home energy improvements can reduce currently high utility bills. It makes great economic sense to examine the current conditions of the home to improve the energy efficiency of your Myrtle Beach home heating system. Homeowners can find out more about what to do when it comes to heating an old house by discussing their situation with one of our trusted professionals at Brown & Reaves Services in Myrtle Beach. Call us today at 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form to schedule a service call to make sure your Myrtle Beach home heating system is running at its best possible efficiency.

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