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Before You Buy a New Central Air Conditioning Unit

Living in the South, there comes a time in the life of every homeowner when it’s time to think about buying a new central air conditioning unit. There are numerous factors to consider when you need to replace an old unit or simply upgrade your cooling system. Make sure you have enough information so the decision you make will be an informed one.

New Central Air Conditioning Unit Buying ConsiderationsHow to Choose Your New Central Air Conditioning System

Size Matters

If you’re in the market for a new AC unit you quickly realize there are many different sizes to pick from. The first question you may have is if the unit is big enough to cool your entire house. The answer might be more complicated than you think.

The right size of a central cooling unit is determined not only by the square footage of your house but also by your window dimensions and exposure, floor space, insulation, local climate and heat-generating appliances. Other important factors include the direction your home faces and your individual cooling requirements.

Obviously, if the AC system you pick is too small you won’t get the comfort you’re hoping for. Not many homeowners realize this, but if an AC unit you install is too big for your home the system will turn on and off more than necessary wasting energy and wearing out the components.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an AC unit with a high energy efficiency rating will not only save you money but it’s also better for the environment. When shopping around, every new central air conditioning unit you will see has a specific energy efficiency rating known as SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the rating the more efficient the unit is. Due to our hot summers, experts recommend Myrtle Beach homeowners should not opt for any AC system with a SEER rating lower than 16.

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A new central air conditioning system needs to be installed by a professional contractor. Make sure you hire a reliable company with years of experience in your local market. A contractor who has lived in the area for a long time will know exactly how to adjust your system and, if necessary, will assist you with any repair or maintenance at a moments notice. The professional you choose should offer you many recognized name brands to pick from and have a well-stocked inventory of replacement parts.

If you have any questions about new central air conditioning unit installation contact Brown & Reaves Services, Inc. via our convenient form or call us today at 843-497-9867.

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