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Pre-Season HVAC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Unscheduled Air Conditioning Repair

Without proper inspection and maintenance, air conditioning units will wear out and suddenly break down. Public health departments and health care staff recommend homeowners to be mindful of the cleanliness and functionality of their air conditioners because unclean air and related unit issues may lead to health problems. In particular, air conditioning units with dirty filters may trigger asthma attacks while clogged or leaking pipes may contribute to carbon dioxide poisoning and legionnaire’s disease. Learn more about pre-season maintenance tips for your HVAC systems in order to decrease the chances and costs of air conditioning repair.

The Importance and Practicality of Pre-Season Check-ups

Proper maintenance can reduce future problems as well as unnecessary repair or replacement costs. Energy Star suggests hiring an HVAC professional who will conduct an annual pre-season assessment. Contractors are frequently busy during the summer and winter times when air conditioning units are most likely to break down and require repairs; thus, it’s best to have your air conditioners checked during spring or pre-season while you do not need to use it yet.

To Avoid Air Conditioning Repair, Have an Expert Maintain Your Unit

Proper Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units

An HVAC expert typically conducts the following maintenance steps.

First, he will check if there is anything blocking air vents such as dirt, leaves and other physical obstructions. Supply vents or air grilles must remain free from hindrances to enable easy intake or release of air and avoid damaging the HVAC system.

Second, your air conditioning contractor will check the thermostat settings to verify if the cooling and heating systems work efficiently enough to keep you comfortable while saving energy when you’re outside the premises.

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Third, maintenance includes checking the integrity of electrical connections. A contractor tightens electrical connections while also measuring motor voltage. He goes through sensors and electrical wirings as well validating whether the system is still working properly. Faulty electrical systems may produce unsafe conditions and reduce the service life of important unit components. The controls of the system are also examined for proper and safe operation. He makes sure the starting cycle is free of problems so the system starts, works, and turns off correctly.

Fourth, an HVAC professional lubricates the air conditioner. All moving parts must be sufficiently oiled to reduce friction that may heighten electricity use. A well-oiled system is less prone to wear and tear too.

Fifth, maintenance is composed of checking and examining the condensate drain in the central air conditioner or heat pump. A plugged drain may produce water damage in your property and impact indoor humidity.

Air conditioning coils and evaporators would also be inspected and cleaned. Grimy coils may reduce the unit’s cooling ability and make the air conditioner work harder, which will increase electricity consumption and reduce the unit’s lifespan. Furthermore, an HVAC professional checks the refrigerant and makes necessary adjustments. Too little or too much refrigerant have adverse impacts on heat transfer which can influence energy costs too. In addition, blower components are cleaned and adjusted for proper airflow and enhanced indoor air quality.

The heater also gets maintained. An HVAC professional checks gas or oil connections, heat exchanger, and gas pressure. Poorly connected gas connections are fire hazards as well as potential contributing factors to airborne illnesses. A dirty burner may produce incomplete combustion as well, leading to an inefficient and unsafe heater.

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Pre-season maintenance is vital to air conditioning that works effectively and efficiently throughout the season. Best of all, pre-season checks help ensure your HVAC will be functional when you need it. Call a reliable HVAC expert now to conduct pre-season maintenance and save yourself from unforeseen system breakdown and health concerns.

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