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Why Radiant Heating Might Be Right for Your Home This Year

Radiant heating systems deliver warmth directly to your home’s flooring, walls, or ceilings. They can be based on water, solar, or electrical power, but electrical systems are the most popular and affordable. If your home needs a new type of heat or an upgrade to keep you more comfortable, consider these three reasons to have a skilled technician install a radiant heater in your Myrtle Beach area home before the colder winter weather sets in.

Easy to Retrofit

Three reasons why you might want to consider adding radiant heating to your home before cold weather sets in.

Radiant heating is becoming more and more popular when homes are being built today, but if you want to add heat to a part of your home such as a covered porch, patio, or garage that previously was unheated, a radiant heating system is an easy retrofit as well. No air ducts or vents are needed for radiant heating. These systems can be installed under your sub-floor and then new carpeting or tile can be placed on top.

Custom Climate Control

With radiant heating, you can control the warmth of each room individually. Each zone of your home can be set up with its own thermostat. This allows you to turn on the heat in the bathroom when you first get up in the morning to shower, or to turn on the heat on your covered front porch when you are ready to enjoy an early morning breakfast. You do not have to waste energy by cranking up the heat for the entire house.


Radiant heat is quiet. There are no large and noisy blowers creating a wind that travels through wobbly and rattly vents. You will not have to listen to any loud fans, motors, or other sounds while the radiant heating system is working. The only sounds you might hear from a radiant heater is the click of the system when it turns on and when it turns off.

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