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Refrigerant Leaks Demand Immediate Attention

Air conditioners prove essential to enjoying comfortable and clean indoor air at home and workplaces. Sometimes, due to natural deterioration, or sudden internal as well as external problems such as refrigerant leaks, your air conditioner stops working or no longer performs at an optimal level.

One of the most common AC problems is low or leaking refrigerant. This problem should be checked immediately by trained technicians because it can lead to catastrophic effects in your home.

Causes of Refrigerant Leaks or Low Coolant Levels

Low coolant levels may be due to improper installation in the first place or a refrigerant leak. Your unit must contain the right refrigerant level to properly function. If it’s not correctly filled initially, it can ultimately cause cooling problems.

Additionally, your AC may incur cooling deficiencies due to leaks. Refrigerant leaks can arise due to broken flare ridges, leaking caps or valves, and deteriorated elastomer seals. Because leaks can be generated by numerous factors, it’s advisable to hire dependable technicians to check large air conditioning systems every month for regular assessments of refrigerant levels and technical concerns before they lead to much worse consequences.

Costs of Refrigerant Leaks and the Essence of Air Conditioning Service

Health Effects

Outside of household temperature issues, refrigerant leaks can create a health risk to you and your family. While mild exposure to refrigerants poses little danger to many, particular individuals who are sensitive to them can be adversely affected. Some of the symptoms of refrigerant poisoning are headaches, vomiting, and dizziness.

Severe poisoning can produce worse symptoms, such as loss of consciousness, organ damage, and even death. Consider the subsequent financial costs of these health problems, particularly if you own or manage the property. Therefore, it’s best to call technicians for help as soon as possible.

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Environmental Costs

Refrigerant leaks can also damage the environment. These coolants contribute to greenhouse gases, cited by many scientific institutes as a contributor to adverse climate change.

Specifically, these refrigerants contain the greenhouse gases known as HCFC and HFC. Due to the science, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invokes guidelines for owners of air conditioners producing a full charge of 50 or more pounds. These owners must comply with the General Leak Repair Requirements of the EPA which mandates corrective action on the owner’s part when the AC is leaking ozone-depleting refrigerant at a rate of 10 percent or more.

Therefore, always maintain awareness of mandates and thresholds in accordance to EPA guidelines. Either you must fix the leaks within 30 days from the date the leak was identified or produce a plan to repair or replace the appliance within the same period. The replacement or repair must then be completed with one year.

Initial and follow-up verification tests are mandatory, lest your business face a shutdown. Clearly, if your business is affected by the guidelines, a leak rate of 10 percent or more that is left unresolved within a month can pose dire financial consequences.

Financial Impacts

A trained technician can check the refrigerant level of an air conditioning system to determine if it’s insufficient. A 10% loss of coolant may cause your home or business an additional 20 percent in utility bills due to inefficiency, apart from increasing the depreciation rate of your unit. Faster depreciation means premature retirement of your unit, which also poses immediate increase in expenses.

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Always be on the lookout for low refrigerant levels, which are often symptomatic of a coolant leak. If a leak is confirmed by a professional, it should be fixed as quickly as possible by a pro to prevent further damage to your health, your comfort, the environment, and your finances.

Even if your AC is simply not working optimally, promptly request a dependable air conditioning service company—available 24 hours a day—for a fast, accurate diagnosis of the problem so its experts can fix the situation immediately. While you’re at it, consider adding an annual maintenance agreement with the company to be certain your AC will operate optimally, safely, and economically.

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