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Room Air Conditioner or Heat Pump – Which is Best?

Trying to decide whether a room air conditioner will do the job of keeping you cool, or whether a heat pump or central air conditioning system will be better for you? The answer may be different for everyone, so let’s look at the differences between the two and help you decide which is best for keeping you cool during these dog-days of summer.

Room Air Conditioner

Room air conditioner used to cool just one room or area of a home.A room air conditioner does pretty much what you would guess. They are good at cooling a room, maybe two. Most room air conditioners are set in a windowsill with the unit taking up much of the window space. To operate, the room air conditioner is plugged into a normal electrical outlet.

It’s important to determine the size of the room or area you want to cool in order to find a unit that will do the job adequately. If you buy a room air conditioner that is too small, it will run constantly and shoot your electric bill through the roof. If the unit is too big, you’ll experience wildly inconsistent temperatures that will leave you so cold you’ll want to walk outside for a breath of hot air. Not the result you want to achieve.

Prices on a room air conditioner can vary from a little more than $100 to several hundred dollars, with costs for operating the unit varying as well, based on the BTU rating of the unit and whether you keep it running when you’re away.

Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are designed to cool an entire house as opposed to just one room or area. A central air conditioning unit is typically located outside.

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A heat pump system is a dual system, cooling your home in hot weather, and heating it in cold weather. In areas of the South, a heat pump is generally preferred over central air conditioning systems, simply for the efficiency of having one unit do two jobs. With a central air conditioning system, you still have to have some way to heat your home in winter, and for areas where heat pumps are not efficient, gas or oil furnaces are usually used.

How To Decide

If you fall into one of the following categories, your best bet would be a room air conditioner:

  • Renting a house
  • Want to cool only one room
  • Limited budget

If you’re a homeowner and not on a tight budget, a central air conditioner or heat pump system will most likely be a better fit. Once installed, you’ll be able to expand your living quarters from one air conditioned room to anywhere in the house. The dread of walking from a nicely cooled room to one with nothing but heat will be a feeling of the past!

For a free estimate on a complete heat pump system to keep you cool during these hot days of summer, call Brown and Reaves Services at (843) 497-9867.  Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and grab our 20% off Coupon.

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