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Sealing Air Ducts Improves the Efficiency of Your Heating System

The costs of heating a home can be expensive, and most homeowners want to make the most of their dollars.

Sealing air ducts between your furnace and your rooms improves the efficiency of your home's heating system

In addition to making sure the furnace or heat pump is in proper working order, it is also important to ensure that air ducts delivering the heated air to your home’s living spaces are in good condition by sealing air ducts that may have leaks.

These tips will help you to prevent air leaks from the ducts that go between your furnace and your rooms.

Wasted Heat

About 20 to 30 percent of the heated air provided by your furnace is lost through poorly connected or damaged air ducts. Cracks, holes and loose connections in the air ducts allow the heated air to leak into unused spaces between the walls, floors, and ceilings.

Since the heated air is not reaching your living spaces, the thermostat triggers the furnace to cycle more frequently. This can then result in a higher heating bill. Sealing air ducts that have leaks will help cut down on those higher electric bills.

How to Know When Sealing Air Ducts is Necessary

For most homeowners, it can be difficult to tell if the air ducts are performing poorly and need to be sealed. Some of the signs that your home’s air ducts need to be sealed include high summertime and wintertime air conditioning and heating bills. You might also notice that rooms that are the furthest away from the furnace are difficult to heat. Rooms that are constantly stuffy are another sign of poorly performing air ducts and signal that you may need to think about sealing air ducts in your home.

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Sealing Methods

It is possible for small gaps to be sealed with mastic tape. This simple material wraps around the air duct to stop leaks. The mastic tape can also be used to cover up tiny cracks and gaps in ducts. Mastic sealant paste and metal tape can also be used.

Even if this seems like an easy task to undertake, sealing air ducts is always best left to professionals who are able to check every connection.

Don’t neglect sealing air ducts in your Myrtle Beach heating system. It’s one of the cheapest things you can do to increase your energy efficiency. Call Brown and Reaves Services today at 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form to schedule a service call to make sure your air ducts are not leaking, and to seal them if they are.

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