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Seek Professional Advice When Determining AC Unit Size

Homeowners who are considering buying a new air conditioning unit should understand that units do not come as one-size-fits-all. When trying to determine the correct AC unit size, the size of the living space must be taken into consideration. Buy a unit that is too small and it will be unable to keep the home cool during the peak season. On the other hand, money is wasted if the unit is larger than it needs to be and ends up cycling on and off too often.

Correct AC Unit Size is Critical – Consult a Professional

Installing the correct size AC unit size is important when putting in a new unit at your home or office.

Both sensible cooling load and latent cooling load must be calculated in order to determine the correct AC unit size that is best for a particular home. Sensible cooling takes the dry bulb temperature into account while latent cooling calculations consider the wet bulb temperature. This enables those doing the calculations to consider the effect humidity has on keeping the building cool.

Factors that influence the sensible cooling load include the number of windows and the amount of sunlight that can be expected to enter through those windows. Other factors like lighting and equipment that must be operated during times in which the building must be kept cool also influence this calculation. If not considered, you will face the consequences of having sections of your home not cooling equally with the rest, which in turn reduces the overall efficiency of your equipment. In other words, higher monthly bills could result.

The calculation for the removal of sensible heat takes into consideration the airflow and related temperature difference, whereas the latent cooling load considers the humidity difference. Making these calculations can be a complicated process. Homeowners are best served by enlisting the help of a local HVAC professional rather than just guessing at the correct AC unit size for your home or office.

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