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Signs Your Central Air Conditioning System May Need Replacement

As summer and A/C season is upon us, your to-do list leftover from last fall may include checking on the coolant of your central air conditioning system. Over your last season of use, you may have noticed the temperature of your home was not consistently cool or the cool air was uneven throughout your home. Your first suspect may be the coolant. Coolants should remain at the same level and are not used up in any way. Although coolants are meant to last the life of the central air conditioning system, there could be a leak that needs to be fixed and then the appropriate amount of coolant replaced. Then again, there could be other reasons your home is not consistently cold.

Inconsistent Central Air Conditioning System Temperatures Inside Your Home

If your central air conditioning system is not cooling like it once did, there are some things to check before replacing the system.

Frozen Coolant

Coolant can freeze, and an easy way to determine if there is a coolant leak is to check for pools of frozen coolant on hoses or connections. This is the opportunity to have a professional HVAC company repair and replace the damaged pieces and refill the coolant.

Warm Air

Fifteen minutes after turning on the A/C, go to each vent and place your hand in front of the open vent to feel the temperature of the air. If the vent is dirty or blocked in any way, remedy that and check again. If the air continues to be warm, it is time for coolant.

Compressor Damage

If there has been an undetected coolant leak, this may have affected your compressor. This pricy unit could be malfunctioning due to the lack of coolant. Fixing any leaks and adding coolant may be the simple solution, although a call to a HVAC professional may be necessary to assess any significant damage to the core of the central air conditioning system.

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If you have done a thorough check and are still getting warm air out of the vents, it may be time to check the thermostat. Have you switched the settings to cool? How old is your thermostat? This easy fix could solve your central air conditioning system problems, keep your home at the temperature you desire, and save on energy costs as well.

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