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Sizing an Air Conditioning Unit

When you’re in the market for a new air conditioning unit or heat pump, the most common question a homeowner will ask is, “What size do I need for my home?

Some contractors may quote installing a air conditioning unit or heat pump that is technically too large for the home just to make the sale. This is not always the contractor’s fault, especially when the homeowner doesn’t understand that new heat pumps and air conditioning units are more efficient and therefore take less energy to do the job.

Getting the Right Size Air Conditioning Unit

installing a larger air conditioning unit than you need is not goodBigger is better, right? Wrong! Everyone wants a air conditioning unit or heat pump that’s large enough to cool and heat their home but anything larger than the optimum size will not only heat the house unevenly in winter, but will cycle on and off too often during the summer when it’s cooling your home. This means you won’t be as comfortable and you will spend a lot more money cooling and heating your home.

An experienced contractor like Brown and Reaves Services has already performed the calculations to determine the right size heat pump or air conditioning unit many times before, is familiar with how the houses in the area are built, and knows from experience what size heat pump will best match your home just by measuring the square footage and accounting for things like insulation, patio doors and vaulted ceilings.

An oversized air conditioning unit will not properly dehumidify your home and will leave you feeling cold and clammy. Yes, it’s important that the air conditioner has enough cooling capacity to adequately cool your home, but if it’s too large it will not run long enough to adequately dehumidify your home not just from the humid summer air but also from humidity caused by taking showers, cooking food and watering live plants.

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Keep in mind that the industry standard for air conditioning is to provide indoor air that’s 16 degrees cooler than the outside air. But there is an alternative to buying an oversized air conditioner. Ask us whether it would make sense to install a larger indoor coil, which would remove more humidity and raise the efficiency of the air conditioner, which is what we recommend to many of our customers. Also, if you have difficulty in cooling the upper level, we can install duct boosters to help push the denser cold air to the warmer rooms.

The most important factor for you as a homeowner is to find the right contractor. One who will select the right product for your home; provide warranty repairs and quality service.

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