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Heating and Cooling System When Buying a Home

When buying a home, the first thing you look for is probably not the heating and cooling system. Most likely you’re looking at the curb appeal, or the room sizes, or the condition of the carpet and walls.

While a heating and cooling system may not be the most luxurious part of a home, a faulty heating and cooling system can cost you a bundle to replace. So before you fall in love with your dream home, make sure you know what you’re getting with your heating and cooling system.

Check The Heating and Cooling System During Walk-through

Check the heating and cooling system during walk-through when looking at any potential new home.An important part of a quality heating and cooling system is good airflow. Make sure to turn on the heat or air if it’s not already running when you walk-through a potential home you’re looking at. You can check the airflow by putting your hand over the register to see how much air is coming through.

Rust, especially on pipes, can be more than a sign of an old heating and cooling system. In some cases, rusty pipes could mean that the system is creating carbon monoxide. If you notice rusty pipes and decide to move forward with the house, be sure to point this out to your home inspector.

The average life of a heating and cooling system is anywhere from 10 to 20 years old. A system older than that could mean repairs shortly down the road. Be sure to ask about the age of the heating and cooling system before making any buying decisions.

Recent Repairs
When you’re thinking about buying a new house, it never hurts to ask questions about anything. Ask the current owners about any recent repairs completed on the heating and cooling system. If they’ve repaired it several times recently, it could be a warning sign.

Before you buy a home, you’ll likely get a home inspection and a quality inspector will thoroughly check your heating and cooling system along with the many other aspects of your potential home, but it’s always good to be an informed buyer. Learn as much as you can about what to look for in a home before you decide to buy.

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