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Common Heating Furnace Problems and How to Solve Them

Turning the furnace on is the first thing people think about when temperatures begin to drop. However, homeowners who failed to do any maintenance on their system this season may run into some unexpected heating furnace problems. In fact, many homeowners never bother to schedule annual service checks on their furnace. Learning about some common heating furnace problems can help you take preventive measures to insure your system is working properly when you need it the most.

Yearly Furnace Maintenance that Homeowners Can Perform

Change the filters before the first use and every month if the heating system is used constantly. Dirty filters can cause serious problems with the furnace. Make sure the thermostat is working correctly, and ensure that the setting is on heat and the desired temperature setting is higher than the room temperature.

The power supply switch located inside the door of the unit should be on. In older furnace models the power cord should be plugged in. Vacuum and clean off dust, cobwebs and other dirt accumulation surrounding the furnace at least once a year.

Leave These Problems to the Professionals

Homeowners who fail to do any maintenance on their system this season may run into some unexpected heating furnace problems.

There are some serious heating furnace problems which should always be addressed by an HVAC professional. These certified experts have the tools, knowledge and experience to troubleshoot the furnace.

Turn off the heating system and schedule a service call if you’re experiencing any of problems outlined below.

A yellow or flickering flame on the burner could cause carbon monoxide to be released into the house. Turn the gas supply outlet off immediately. If you’re unable to light the pilot, the lines leading to the ignition may need cleaning or may need to be replaced.

The furnace blower motor may need replacement if it doesn’t operate when the furnace is turned on. If a furnace operates continuously it needs to be replaced with a unit which will adequately heat the house.

Problems with noisy fans, smells and dust accumulations around the house can be signs of wear on the heating system from years of neglected maintenance.

Many other problems could develop with the heating system in your home. Always trust an HVAC contractor in your area to provide you with their professional services when you have difficulties operating your heating system.

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